Without Our Dads Where Would We Be?

My Dad, James Curtis Orr


          I thought I would be fine….. 

            as I opened up the Father’s Day post I wrote last year. 

I thought I would be fine……

but those salty tears ran down my face, as usual. 

I still miss my dad, each and every single day.


I thought I would be fine……

but it’s never fine to lose someone you love.

Those tears may always come 

but the sparkling memories of our family life, and my dad, 

make me smile.


My post for my dad and the beauty of adoption  Here


Today, though I miss my dad as much as ever, 

I celebrate some other favorite dads in my life.

My Scott, proud dad, with the girls~Briana, Annika and Lauren 
(my lovely step-daughters)

Cabo San Lucas 2007

Scott’s dad, Dean Lindstrom, “Grandpa”

My wonderful brother, Rod Swanson,

and my mom’s fiance’, Hal,

 who has made my mom very happy

 and in that he has blessed our lives.

If you are missing your dad, as I am, I hope you find comfort 

in sweet memories this weekend.  


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


You are more important than you may know.

Without you where would any of us be ;)?


Happy Weekend!



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Heather Lindstrom

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I lost my Dad in 2005. I know how you feel.

I saw your Instagram feed today with your mom. How fun!


Heather, I am so sorry I missed this post! I have been dealing with stupid health issues, and the last few days I’ve been trying to do more than punch “like” buttons on facebook! I absolutely LOVE your sentiment for your dad! It tears my heart up because I completely felt, and feel, the same about my dad!! Your posts are so beautiful! I remember last years so well, and how it hit my heart, too! I am grateful that we can remember the joy even though it is painful to do so. Others are not so fortunate, even with their living fathers. God bless those who do not have that love. Thank you for sharing your tribute to all the other wonderful fathers that are a part of your life!! xoxo


So many of us have lost our dads and it is a bittersweet time for sure. There is often something very special about fathers and daughters.
I see it with my husband and his girls. Sweet!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your stories.
Happy Weekend!
xx, Heather


Darling Heather,

YOU TOO? You too have no kids? Well in the last 31 years of marriage, my husband and I have made up for it by being the inquisitive and crazy people that we are to venture out and give what we never had, to explore and hopefully NOW, write about it.

I wish you peace and beauty as you spend the rest of your weekend with those whom you love. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Anita


A lovely, heartfelt post Heather! I miss my Dad tremendously. He was wise, funny and my favorite person in the whole world.


Yes I understand, I lost my dad a few years ago as well so father’s day is one I tend to almost ignore as it is a bit hard looking at potential gifts I would have liked to give him. But you are so lucky to have had such a loving father – those pictures show it all xx


Lovely written Heather! xo Caroline


My dear your blog gets better each time I come for a read. There seems to be a new depth that i love… i learn something new of your story each and every time. So many times i have read… but failed to comment, not feeling I had the words worthy of what I was feeling. Just know I think the world of you! Thank your for sharing your heart!

I also wanted to thank you once again for your very soulful comments you have left for me… on mine. True gifts for my soul they are. Thank you Heather.


What a sweet heartfelt post.



Heather, Wow, sweet post. I just love your Dad’s face. You can tell what a kind and loving guy he was. I’m loving the photos and the tribute..

Thinking of you..



Heather this is such a touching post. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos… they really help me know you better, especially your Dad. He has such a sweet face. I can only imagine how hard it is to lose a dear father but it sounds like you have so many warm, loving memories to comfort you. And I like the way you honored the other fathers you admire in this post as well. What a lovely gesture.
blessings to you,
Leslie aka Gwen Moss


Oh sweet Heather,

YOU KNOW I miss mine. Gone 28 years, but still in my heart.

Mine was a great problem solver, an artist, musician, wonderful mathematician, builder and all around gentleman. But don’t mess with daddy. He did not take kindly to misbehavior!!!!!!!!!! Our men are awesome, and though I have no children, I celebrate my husband who has some similar qualities of my father. Where would we be without them….Anita


So sweet. I just adore your photo of your handsome daddy walking his beautiful daughter down the aisle. I miss my Dad too. It’s good to have together a smile and a cry every now and then thinking of these great men. Hugs to you!


You feel about your dad as I do about mine… He is a rock but what I love most about him is his willingness to show his sensitivity and love. At age 82 he is still going strong and thank you for the reminder how important these loving men are in our lives,how much they have shaped us, especially as females….

Love to hear from you!