Wine Country Fires Bring Devastation, Heartbreak and Resolve.



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I’m nearly at a loss for words watching the devastating fires in our beautiful wine country. We are hearing reports of family and friends who have lost their homes. This image from iconic Signorello Estate a couple of years back that burned to the ground last night. Thoughts and prayers for everyone impacted by the firestorms.

Update: It’s been nearly a week since the catastrophic firestorms exploded in wine country and it still feels surreal. This is a place where I have both lived and visited regularly for most of my life and it always feels like home. Praying that winds calm for brave firefighters and predicted rains help put an end to the destruction. Sending love and prayers to family & friends who have lost homes and livelihoods.

Before and after images of wine country.


This story simply breaks my heart:

Resolution in wine country.


To Help 

Heather Lindstrom

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Heather, we share your horror and sadness at the death, injury and devastation caused by the fires in California’s wine country. Please accept our strong condolences. With you, Leslie P.S. I suspect that the only reason you haven’t received more condolence comments in response to this post is that it may not have been sent to your subscribers. I know that my emailbox did not get it; I only learned of this post when it was mentioned in a box at the bottom of your post of today.


You are so kind, Leslie. There has been such loss and devastation in our beloved wine country. We are still somewhat in shock but looking for ways to help the healing and rebuilding process. Hoping to do some crisis counseling in the area very soon. Thank you for your support and thoughtfulness.

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