Which Top Interior Design Trend Has Your Name On It?


Which Top Interior Trend Are You? Stylemindchic Life and color

 Which Top Interior Design Trend Has Your Name On It?

Mod Interior on Stylemindchic Life with yellows and plum mod furniture

Interior design trend worthy?

 How about a bold, brilliant color?

Which Interior Design Trend Has Your Name On It? With a black and white oversized image and mod furnishings Stylemindchic Life

A black and white statement?

Which Design trend are you?

 Rustic Luxe?

Whic Decor Trend has your name on it at Stylemindchic Life?

Parisian glamour?

Which Interior Trend are You? Stylemindchic Life

 A blend of traditional and modern?

Which design trend are you? Stylemindchic Life and a moody, bold interior scheme

Or a smokey, moody interior?

Sometimes I just need my design/decor inspiration fix and today I’m in the need for some inspiration.

I found this stylish quiz on My Domaine that sheds some

light on my design vibe for the season.

I scored “Approachable Glamour”?

How about you?

Quiz: Which Top Interior Trend Should You Try? | MyDomaine.com.

If you are finding yourself in need of a little inspiration

of the “George Clooney English Mansion on an Island” variety

check this out here.

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My style has Parisian glamour stamped all over it. Yummy shapes, rich textures. Just delicious. What a fun post.
xoxo Jennifer


Oh Heather, that Parisian glamour speaks to me. The colors and the style and the elegance, it’s all so pretty. I also like the Rustic Luxe. I love vintage things and Tuscany inspired homes as well. Did I ever tell you that Jess has a degree in Interior Design? She ended up teaching elementary school, but she will always have her degree and knowledge of design.

Such a fun post today, Heather. I always get inspiration when I come over and visit.

love, ~Sheri


I’m a mix of rustic luxe and Parisian glamour! (At least based on your photos…) I’ll have to go take that quiz. Love this post!


I am a real traditionalist in my own home, but I love seeing the fresh, creative looks of designers. Hope your week is going well! xoxo


Rustic Luxe for me, especially with building and designing a new home!
Thanks for the inspiration!


Rustic Luxe is screaming my name, Heather! HELLO! I am late….finals and other changes going on at school are keeping my mind very busy. It’s lovely to see you! Hope school is going well for you. Any plans for a summer trip? HUGS! ANita


Hello my dear friend! Oh my, work has not been easy…following a 4 day Trauma in Schools training in San Diego (that part was good), I returned to 2 days of grief counseling at a local High School for a beloved student killed in a lunchtime car accident. It’s been brutal. That may be why I needed to focus on design today-the other side of life. Your trip to Carmel is on the horizon-so excited for you! xx


This is great! Thank you for sharing! Im excited to see what I get but I tend to lean more towards a mixture of modern and traditional. Gotta change it up!


Interesting! I enjoyed this little pop quiz on my design style. I think the approachable glamour feels about right for me this season (I always want to be approachable-of course! ;).


I tend to be a little neutral, but I’m loving the traditional and modern look…great pops of color!


Aren’t they fun? They feel so fresh for spring and I know we are in the mood for it! xx

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