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Welcome to the weekend!  My day yesterday started bright and early with a super fun blogger meet up with Dale Janee. You may already know Dale of Savvy Spice Blog, and Savvy Sleepers. Dale, a fellow Northern California girl, went to college in Chico and currently lives with her husband in Switzerland. She was back in Chico to visit family, and I was happy to be on her agenda for her trip back home. As usual, when meeting a blogger friend for the first time, there is much to talk about. Dale and I both have WordPress.org Blogs and Shopify.com websites for our businesses. Having our multiple websites in common gave us some extra conversation topics. We’ve decided next time we will meet for lunch! Dale is beautiful, inside and out, and I thoroughly enjoyed our coffee date. I also met her mom and her aunt, the hairstylist who sparked the concept behind Savvy Sleepers. They are both lovely women, and I see where Dale gets her warmth and beautiful smile.

Stylemindchic Boutique Signature Packaging

I wanted to take a little something special for Dale and I was so pleased that she liked my

Thin Ice’ Wrap Bracelet from here.

Dale Janee of Savvy Spice
Dale Janee of Savvy Spice

The piece is very on trend with its delicate styling. It comes in three finishes and

the mixed metals are perfect for layering. The spiral wrap makes it an easy fit for any size.

Wrap Bracelets on the 'Ice' Collection

Dale’s brand, Savvy Sleepers, is an exclusive line of luxurious anti-aging satin pillowcases. I had read about the brand on a few blogs and was lucky enough to win one on Leslie’s Blog, now Pretty Petals. From the first moment I opened my Savvy Sleeper, I was hooked. It is soft and silky, with just a touch of sheen. There is an ingenious pocket for hair ties, lip balm, or other necessities. The beauty is that sleeping on satin keeps the skin from creasing and hair from snarling. I take mine traveling with me now and I’m officially addicted. I think the Savvy Sleeper is a perfect gift for someone who appreciates luxury, quality and self-care. What could be more perfect than sharing a beauty secret in a gift?

My Savvy Sleepers

Dale gave me a Savvy Sleeper at our coffee date, which was so kind of her. She has a new ‘Wine Country Collection’ with beautiful new shades. The ‘Pinot Greige’ caught my eye. As you can see, it looks very much at home in my space already. Thank you Dale!

Savvy Sleepers

Some of my other blogger friends have online boutiques and I enjoy showcasing their creativity,

especially for the holiday season.


Catherine Robinson Cashmere


Tamera Beardsley


Suzanne Carillo

and a sneak peek at a new one I’ll be introducing to you:

Jewels of the Vineyard

If a trip is your style for a gift check out Sandy:

You May Be Wandering

or for a luxury beach vacation I just may have a fantastic discount for you.

084 (2)

I am happy to say that I shut my office door last evening, texted my husband to meet me downtown for a bite, and we toasted to being off for the next 10 days. Things start to ease up just a bit this season in my School Psychology life and I’m more than ready.

Welcome to the Weekend and the official kick off to the holiday season!


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Heather Lindstrom

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I’m a little behind with my blog reading as we have just returned from a few days in Munich Germany. I can see that you have been having a fun time and you seemed to have plenty to talk about with Dale. Those bracelets are so pretty with the mixed metals and I’m sure she was delighted with her gift. It was a lovely surprise to see that you mentioned my online boutique – thank you very much! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Oh precious Heather, I just see your reply here now….thank you for YOUR SUPPORT! What a great world we have in blogging when we continue to go through the highs and lows, together. And I have one more PLC to attend today until noon then I AM FREE! Thank you also for coming to visit my dining room; it is typically lighter in that room but with our snowy days, there is not enough light in the house to capture the spirit I enjoy in there….much love to you dear heart. LOVE THOSE BRACELETS! Anita


Oh my dear-you are a doll!! By PLC I know exactly what you are talking about! ;) xx


Heather.. Isn’t it fun meeting other bloggers? Hope you have a wonderful restful 10 days with your hubby!


It is such a unique experience! Dale and I had a wonderful time ‘catching up’ even though we had never met before. ;) xx


Heather…thank you so much for including me…you’re very kind.
Happy Weekend ;)


Thank you Catherine. I’m happy to share my favorite resources and support other bloggers as they do for me. Thank you for stopping by. I’m keeping my eye on some cashmere for my gift list! xx


Loved this. You two are both lovely inside and out. You are both the kind of friends who encourage and uplift other women too! This post is just proof of that. I will check out all these boutiques. Aren’t Dales’ cases the best? I seriously cannot sleep without one now. I adore that bracelet too! So delicate! Hope you are having a good weekend Heather. xo Kim


Ahhhhh thank you sweet Kim. That means so much to me. I would rather quite blogging than be anything but supportive and uplifting in our blogger community. I know the same goes for you. Yes, I can’t sleep without my Savvy Sleeper either. I just ordered a bunch for gifts! ;) xx


Hello beautiful!
You are the dearest blog friend, Heather!
…and how gorgeous is Dale!
I have yet to begin my Christmas shopping. As you know I would rather share by budget with my favorite blog boutiques than braving the “Big Boxes”!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your LOVES!


YOU are the dear Lynne!! You were so good to me and the boutique last year. It does feel good to have the support of blog friends, in blogging and in business, doesn’t it? Kind comments and sharing links goes a long way to building the kindness and trust in our blogging community. Thank you for always being so positive!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Heather, you are so sweet for giving me a shout out!! I may be biased but I think “experiences” are the best gifts ever!

It is SO much fun to meet up with fellow bloggers…they always feel like a reunion between long lost reunion between old friends!

Enjoy your time off!! xoxo


Hello Sandy dear, I am so happy to share ‘lovely links’ from my favorite bloggers. I adore the escapism I receive from visiting your blog. You have some incredible recommendations and resources. Blogger meet ups can be so much fun. Dale was so sweet and we have so much in common with our websites. I’m grateful we have connected through blogging, Sandy. We both have that travel bug and it’s fun to armchair tour with each other isn’t it? Happy thanksgiving sweet Sandy!


Oh dearest Heather, you and me both…next week, no teaching! I do have however, two days of staff development, but only until 12 noon. AHHHHH! THEN OFF TO SHOP!

And there is really nothing quite like meeting up with a blogger friend because we spend our friendship in distance; to finally see the face behind the faithful visits or kind words is really a thrill. What a FABULOUS gift for her from your shop! My sweet friend, enjoy your WEEKEND! Anita


Hello dear Anita, I’m so happy for you! Your 1/2 days of development will fly by and you will enjoy those unstructured days off. It feels so good to not be roused with the alarm clock and be able to enjoy our creative pursuits. I’m feeling so much more relaxed already, even though I’ve been working on the blog and boutique all day. Yes, meeting a blogger friend can be so special. I felt like I already knew Dale. She is darling. I’m so glad you approve of my blogger gift. That little spiral wrap bracelet is sweet. Anita, you are so kind and generous. You are just my favorite kind of blogger, supportive, positive and uplifting. I am so grateful YOU grace the comments of blog with your loveliness, goodness and inspiration. You are one of those dear ones that keep me going in blogging. Feeling thankful for your friendship!
xx, Heather


Hi Heather,
I am enjoying a morning coffee reading this great post, two beautiful ladies.
You are a very busy lady. I admire how organized you must be to do this blog, be involved with your career, and enjoy time with your husband. It makes me wistful, and wishing I could be more organized.
I love those bracelets, especially the warmer gold colour. Very cool. thanks for the post, enjoy your time off. xx Nancy


Good evening Nancy,
I can almost picture you there, enjoying your coffee and reading my posts. Thank you for your kindness, you have been very encouraging of me and the blog and I appreciate you. Yes, Dale and I had a lovely time together, she is a sweetie. As for being busy, you hit the nail on the head, I do find that I run pretty fast with my School Psych career and 2 websites. I feel bad that sometimes my visiting other blogs, and commenting, has to go on the back burner for a bit. I always try to catch up as I think it’s important to visit other blogs, when they visit and support my blog. I find I have to really manage my time when there is not much time to waste. I schedule myself pretty religiously and make priority lists ALL the time. I also use my Google Calendar for planning all things blogging and even PR events on the boutique. It’s all about planning ahead for me. That said, I am busy with my husband and family, but my step-daughters are grown now. I don’t have quite the same family time commitment that you, as a mom, probably have with your family. It’s all priorities and family time is essential. Enjoy it every time you get a chance (and I know you do). Happy Thanksgiving sweet Nancy and thank you for all the nice words on my blog.
xx, Heather


Heather you look fabulous and energetic. Are you staying true to SB Diet? Enjoy your time off and happy Thanksgiving! Best, Karen


Ahhhhh, thank you Karen. You are very kind to me. I am feeling pretty great. My two factors are treating my sleep apnea (finally!) with a good amount of oxygen each night and eating low carb with no sugar. I am sticking pretty close to SoBe Diet, in a way that makes sense to me. I’ve lost a few more lbs. since the initial 10 from Phase 1. I would say this plan definitely works and I find it to be easier than other things I’ve tried…and failed at, even briefly. Thanks for asking. We’ve never met, so I’m not implying anything by this ;), have you ever tried SoBe?? I definitely recommend it. We’ll see how things go over the holidays. :)
Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for following my blog. I am thankful for you.
xx, Heather


Blogger meet-ups are always fun. Looks like you two had a good time. How fun that you managed to meet up when she lives so far away.

Thanks for the shout-out for my shop : )



I know, it’s such a small world isn’t it? You are welcome Suzanne, my pleasure! xx

Love to hear from you!