Welcome to the Weekend….Road Trippin’

Cards have been read, rose petals are drooping, imported dark chocolates have been devoured and just about all that’s left from Valentine’s day is the champagne cork. The reward for all of us~no matter how we celebrated, or didn’t celebrate, Valentine’s Day~is that we now have a weekend. I’ve been off work part of the week already so it feels downright decadent and the best frosting on the cake. We are experiencing unusually warm temps here in Northern California (wish I could bottle it to send to my friends with the freezing temps!), so we intend to take full advantage and made a date with Wine Country.

Time for a road trip!
For a sneak peek we plan to stay


and dine

I’ll be packing some of my favorites like my Toss Jewelry roll

and a colorful scarf (only wish I had the convertible to go with it!)

both from my Stylemindchic Boutique here.

For sure I’ll need my favorite lifesaving flats from Me Too. They have the best ‘cush’ for lots of walking and exploring places like wine country. I’m one of those who has been known to have shoe ‘issues’ when lots of walking is involved (and sadly have been known to walk barefoot in Rome at 3 a.m. because there were no cabs and my brand new pointy toe high stiletto mules made me cry in pain….ouch…..gross…just saying!).Me Too - Legend (Driftwood Patent) - Footwear

 Do you have any favorite go to shoes? I’d love to hear your tips.
Hope your weekend is wonderful~whether relaxing at home or out on an adventure.


Image 1

           Style for your life at my Stylemindchic Boutique!


Heather Lindstrom

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Anxiouus to hear how you like your hotel….and love Celadon! Have a wonderful time!


Heather, I am so sorry I missed your weekend post! I, too, love road tripping! You seem to really take hold of the moment, by leaving remnants of Valentine’s day behind, and continuing your celebration of love and life with a weekend getaway! I’m envious with joy (if that’s possible)! What a lovely hotel, and restaurant to be visiting! Hope to see the photos! xox


Ahhh Shelly, That is such a sweet sentiment…and I totally get it. It’s another way to say we are happy for each other with all the highs and lows that can happen in life. We did have some gorgeous weather and I will definitely share a post on the Napa Valley. Just another place for us all to put on the ‘list’ of lovely spots to visit.
Feel better! xx


Please send me some of that California sunshine…..I’m in the midwest!!!!


I’m bottling it up right now Lisa (wish I could!). :)


Looks like a fabulous trip. I’m heading to Asheville, NC today.


Hello Leigh,
Asheville is beautiful as I remember from visiting there years ago.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xx


Hi Heather, looks like you are set for a perfect little trip!! Have a wonderful time and please share pictures when you return!


The weather was perfect. We lucked out since a storm is expected here tomorrow. Can’t wait to share more pics! xx


What a classic photo! Love the touch of animal print. Have a fun weekend!


I love that stylish twist on a road trip too Anne. Happy weekend!!xx

Love to hear from you!