Welcome to the Weekend…..{inspire me with bravery}


Have you ever had one of those weeks that feels simply endless? By Tuesday I was thinking the week should be winding down already……no such luck! I guess that’s why they call it ‘the grind’ sometimes.

Finally, the weekend is just arriving and I am looking for some inspiration.


     A little soak might do the trick…….


Or a little time enjoying the fall weather outdoors.

And then I spoke to my lovely friend, and colleague, Valerie Cross. We were in the trenches at work together this week.  Valerie is a Therapist and an inspiring woman in her own right. She shared the story of her previous weekend with me….and I was truly inspired.

I asked Valerie to share her story on Stylemindchic…..

……in her own words…..


“As a mom holding my tiny baby in my arms, I would sometimes think, “what will become of you, little 
one?” ”What kind of person will you be?”  “Will you be a kind-hearted person; what will you contribute 
to the world ?”  I was reminded of these thoughts while standing next to 1st Lieutenant Garrett Cross, 
adorned in dress blues for a re-dedication ceremony of the Memorial Stadium at Cal, Berkeley.  He 
obliged his mom by pointing to each ribbon, medal and pin by defining and naming each one.  Expert 
marksman, twice; combat duty in Afghanistan, and so many more….  Standing in the small hotel room 
were my two daughter-in-laws: Tanisha with 4-month-old Cason and Kimberly with 5 week old Mason, 
my grandsons.  My heart swelled telling them, “you hold those precious little boys in your arms and look
what they could become!!  A most amazing man!!!”.  If only my words could express the sense of pride 
and wonder, only a parent could know.”


1st Lieutenant Garrett Cross


Thank you for your brave and honorable service Garrett. Welcome Home!

Thank you for sharing Valerie, I am now truly inspired…..

Here’s to an inspiring weekend!

Heather Lindstrom

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Hi Heather!

We all thank Garrett for his service. I’m so glad that he is home safely and that he returned in time for the birth of his child.

Thank you for sharing this Doreen!



Good Morning Leslie!
Garrett’s story is so inspiring. I was thrilled that my friend and colleague, Valerie, was willing to share it. I love sharing style, fashion, travel inspirations on my Stylemindchic but I’d have to say my favorites are the inspiring people that enrich our lives.
Happy Thursday Leslie. I always love it when you stop by Stylemindchic!
Cheers, Heather


How wonderful is this post. I can see why your friend is bursting with pride and joy. She should be.


Hello Doreen-Isn’t it just a wonderful piece shared by Valerie? Garrett is so inspiring, as is his mother’s pride. Garrett returned home from duty and his first child was born just a few days later. Pure bliss.
I always love it when you stop by Doreen.
Hope you are having wonderful weekend!
Cheers, Heather


Wow! Inspiring, touching and well-stated comments from Valerie C. It’s a good insight into how parents feel when their sons and daughters serve. A brave and handsome young man. Thanks for sharing.

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