Welcome to the weekend…….{Eye Candy!}


On my dressing table……. I added some shine with a new, very well priced,  lamp from……yes, Target!

I like the Kelly Wearstler vibe. 


My vintage Italian tray, some vintage beads, birthday ring and two tone orb.


  I mixed the look up here by adding a Satava blown glass piece, and a lovely Dayna Decker candle.

More vintage beads and a bottle with cross stopper add a twist.

I’ve been pulling out the paint brushes recently and, hopefully, someday I’ll have a splash of color on canvas to add to my dressing table.

Some ‘eye candy’ resources to add to my inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Wishing you some ‘eye candy’ of some sort this weekend.


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thanks for sharing...


Target! I could have sworn that was from Kelly Wearstler, too. As for George, you can accessorize with him every day in my view.


I so agree-George Clooney would be the perfect accessory. Somehow he’s even more appealing with a little gray in his hair (I wish the same could be said for me;). That lamp was pretty fantastic and to think Shelly *Lush* found a very similar one for $469.00. I couldn’t help but do a ‘splurge/savvy’ retail therapy post featuring them today.
Happy Weekend Doreen! Cheers, Heather


Hi Shelly–Wow!!! That is so cool! Who knew??? You definitely made my week with that news. By the way-it taks a great eye to know one!;) I feel a ‘high/low’ post coming on for us both. Thanks for sharing this link and info-we love sharing the hot tips! You are a gem my stylish friend!
Xo Heath


Good Monday morning sweet, Heather! Stumbled across this blog post and just had to share it. You have to feel exceptionally good about your lamp choice–both style and value!
http://blog.highfashionhome.com/2012/09/ennis-lamp.html and then the list price is here
http://www.highfashionhome.com/ennis-antique-brass-sphere-lamp.html GASP! $469.00? You did good! Thank you for sharing your great find, so that the rest of us can enjoy the same!!!! Happy Monday! xo


First of all, I didn’t want to even waste a minute more………I need those lamps!! :) I must get to Target….again!!! How did I miss them?

And, I am weak from the eye candy! LOL!!
Have a wonderful weekend, Heather! xo


Seriously, girlfriend-go get them! I did see the bases online Target when I got home with the ‘loot’. They do have a very K Wearstler vibe, don’t they?
Have I mentioned I’m so happy you are back online??
Happy weekend lovely friend!
xo Cheers, Heather


Heather, I had to stop back by, and tell you–thank you again for the warm welcome back! I love sharing life moments, ideas, etc, with you! I am praying for all great things with you and your mother’s new interests. You’d be surprised how much yours and my life are alike in many ways. God bless. xo

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