Welcome to the Weekend and Pops of Color!


Pops of Color

Winter has finally arrived here in Northern California with rain, snow and much colder temps. We need the rain to ease our near drought conditions so this is a welcomed relief. That said, I’ve seen the images of the incredible ice and snow in the Eastern part of the country and I feel for you. I spent two years in Michigan and remember those endless, frozen, snowy winters where even going out for milk was a major ordeal. I’m thinking what we need today is a pop of color to brighten things up.



These cheery yellow tulips are really brightening up my home office. I’ve even moved them from room to room so I can enjoy their particular brand of sunshine. When making all that effort to get the milk remember that picking up some bright flowers can help ease those winter blues.

I enjoyed joining the ‘How I Wear My’ fashion series with a pink theme this month. I have almost no pink in my wardrobe but was able to pull together this outfit at the last minute. See more stylish pink looks on Adrienne’s The Rich Life on a Budget and Jill’s Everything Just So and thanks for hosting, my friends. Mixing unusual colors together like this hot pink, radiant orchid and coral blend blouse I’m wearing can pop your outfit. Shop your closet this weekend and find some unusual combinations. How about lime and navy? Coral and charcoal?

I have been searching for the perfect animal print shoes to replace a pair that is worn out. I love the styling of the ones pictured above from Report that I ordered from Zappos. The toe box was a bit tight for me though I loved the stability of the heel. Returns are easy so I replaced them with the ones I’m wearing in the photo, from Paris Hilton. They have fun styling and lots of ‘cush’ so I’m a fan.

We have a trip coming up so Scott and I have decided it’s date night in tonight. I have a bright lemony recipe that I’ll be making called Rustic Lemon Chicken. It’s been a favorite for years and I just found it online from Food Network. If you have chicken breasts, a couple of lemons and some onions you’ve got just about everything you need. Delicious.

I loved the pops of color in this NYC apartment from Vogue  APT with LSD: Brett Heyman’s Upper East Side Apartment. They are a great contrast to a snowy outdoor NYC.

I’m going to reread this post on packing tips for a beachy vacation since we are in packing mode this weekend. Aside from staying warm and dry what are your plans for the weekend?


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Heather Lindstrom

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Hi Heather!

The tulips are so pretty and the yellow is so happy and bright. Here in Seattle we are entering tulip season and they will be everywhere. I never tire of them. So glad the west coast is getting some cooler more seasonal weather. Drought conditions are no fun.. and I think areas in CA will be facing that this summer.

Your outfit is beautiful and I love the leopard pumps. Funny, I have been looking to buy shoes and find the cost of everything I like is ridiculous. The designer shoes just keep going up in price and when I spend less.. I don’t wear them because they aren’t comfortable. I think I’ll saving up.. Zappos has some great options and I will look there too. Off to check out the chicken recipe. Have fun this weekend!


Happy weekend girlfriend! Love your tulip styling! I bribe myself with flowers to get to myself to the market :)) I also bring my flowers around with me … to wherever I’m working … just to maximize and experience their beauty!

Great color combo ideas my dear!

Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing weekend!



Dearest Heather! YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! Happy weekend my friend, and I am very happy to hear you finally got rain. We have been hearing about the drought and it saddens us that our native California has to deal with this. Your tulips, thank you! We need a lift around here too because as you’ve heard, our cold temps are unbearable. Thank you for coming by to comment and let’s keep the love rolling on, to share in a world that is overly concerned about matters contrary to love.

Enjoy your weekend with that fabulous husband of yours! Anita


There’s nothing quite like flowers in cheerful yellow to brighten the day! I love a touch of leopard print whether shoes or a scarf and I love the heels you’re wearing in the photo. Thanks for the recipe link. I’m always on the look-out for new ideas for chicken. Have a lovely weekend!


We certainly do need some colour at this time of year!


Hello sweet friend!! I’ve never been sure of the weather in your area. So you do get some cold?

Love your outfit and all of these shoes are so chic. In fact…everywhere I look I see shoes that I love. The style, the height and width of the heel, which I am sad to report, play a major roll in my buying them!

All the best.. You are always a beauty in my eyes!



You look beautiful in those colors, Heather…so vibrant and cheerful. I think the whole country needs a pop of color. We have even been cold in South Texas…ice on the roads again today…we are wimps and don’t handle it very well!


Your outfit is so cute, and I love the animal print shoes, although the heels are a bit high for me. I wish I could wear them, but I think I would fall flat on my face haha. Your yellow daffodils are lovely, and I just bought some pink roses myself to cheer up the house a bit. Yes, we have rain, rain, rain! It is so needed right now, and I am loving every minute of it.

Enjoy the weekend, Heather. I’m off to check out the other pretty pinks in the link party.



Storms are a coming here in the Bay Area this weekend so your flowers and your outfit were a breath of fresh and sunny air. I love the leopard shoes with the more caramely in them specially for you as a blonde. That is a lovely array and liking those heels


Thanks for the hints of spring : ) It is welcome when all I can see is snow.

You look so pretty in that outfit.

Is that a Birkin??? by Hermes? If I could have only one bag, that would be it, in caramel, just like what you have here.



Love your HIWM pink look! Gorgeous! Such pretty yellow flowers. I miss having flowers in my house, but my crazy kitties started eating them … and then throwing them up all over the house. Kinda ruins the glamour of fresh flowers! Have a wonderful weekend in!

Love to hear from you!