It seems to happen every year around this time, I find myself craving warm and sunny spaces, even if just in a photograph. Thank you Pinterest! I’ve also been a bit obsessed with posting warm, sun-drenched photos on Instagram this week.  According to the weather reports, it sounds like most of us are dealing with weather issues of one kind or another so I’m sharing a winter warm up today!


Images: Curated Travel Inspiration on Pinterest

A Few Sunny Posts:

Dominican Republic

Riviera Maya

I enjoyed this piece:

 12 Monumental Travel Experiences that Will Change Your Life from MyDomaine.


Are you needing a winter warm up like I am today?



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Heather Lindstrom

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Gorgeous photos, Heather. I wish that I could wiggle my nose and pop into them. Have a wonderful week!

I totally agree, Katie! Have a great day! xx

That aqua blue and water….my all time favorites! Happy winter, Heather!

We are water babies, aren’t we Anita?? I love that shade too–makes me happy. We have sunshine here today and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Have a wonderful weekend!

Actually, we have the very rare treat (here in Portland) of a deep snowfall (17.5″ at our house) followed by 3-4 cold, sunny days in which to enjoy all that the snow offers. Because public offices, schools and most non-essential businesses have been closed since Wednesday, and driving is a dangerous challenge, nearly everyone on our street has been out several times each day walking and playing in the snow with their children, dogs and each other, as well as helping anyone they encounter who is having weather-related problems (like being without power for 24 hours in such cold weather). So even though my husband and I are scheduled to go to the Yucatan Peninsula in February for our son’s wedding, we are not in need of, or even thinking about, a winter warm-up because we are busy enjoying the magic of the winter wonderland we so rarely have here.

I loved reading your description of the magic of winter in your neighborhood, Leslie. The snow can be truly beautiful–especially when you have time to PLAY in it. You have the added fortune of traveling somewhere warm and sunny later in the season. That sounds like the perfect mix! Thanks for sharing your winter views today.

The beauty of this snowstorm was that virtually everyone (except for emergency services) suddenly had time to play in the snow…workplaces closed, transportation not safe and, for 24 hours, no power so even working by computer not possible. All we had to do was figure out how to stay warm (which, fortunately, was possible here).

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