It seems that velvet is having a major moment right now. I’m spotting velvet in fashion, footwear and plush decor pieces and the velvet vibe feels more fresh and modern, interpreted differently than in the 90’s. I’ve been a fan for many years. It’s comfortable and luxurious to wear if done right. I’ll never forget my emerald-green off the shoulder cocktail dress from the 90’s. I’m hoping to add a pair of velvet booties to my collection this year. How do you feel about velvet?

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A fabric which divides the masses, velvet as a trend is nothing new and considering fashion’s recent fixation with the 90s we almost should have seen it coming. It’s one of those lavish textiles that while not often at the forefront of the runway, season after season, is continually there in some capacity. For autumn/winter though velvet is undergoing a renaissance that sees the luxurious fabric outpace its tactless past for something altogether more stylish. It boasts a dangerous streak for sure but also a wonderfully eccentric and lustrous element…”

-Sarah Young from Independent UK



Proof that I’ve been a fan of velvet most of my life…

and that time Gucci stole our look. ;)

Heather Lindstrom

Velvet Vibe

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Welcome back, velvet!


I totally agree, Gina! :) xx


Love Love Love velvet! Velvet Everything! Love this post! It’s luscious!!


It is luscious and LUSH, right Shelly? So happy to see you on the blog! :) xx


Great post Heather! The little pic at the end is darling!

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