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Scott said, “Pack a bag, darling! We’re going on an adventure for Valentine’s Day weekend!” He doesn’t actually call me darling, but it sounds like a romantic 40’s movie, doesn’t it? I always love a getaway, leaving our careers behind, without a care in the world. He knows I appreciate words of love, affection and time together. I know he likes little adventures, spending time together, touch and appreciation, so this kind of weekend works perfectly for us.

How do we know what really ‘turns us on’ in a relationship? We learn by experience, by paying attention to each other, communicating and, for Scott and me, we’ve confirmed it with valuable tools, like this one: ‘Love Languages’, by Gary D. Chapman. We read this book years ago and recently revisited it online. As two psychologists, we find it interesting, even at this stage in our relationship, as we all grow and change. If you are looking for a little insight or inspiration for Valentine’s Day, and are wondering about your lover’s love language, or your own, take the test here. If you want to know more about how our ‘languages’ impact all types of relationships check this out: Love Languages.

My last post, ‘How to Get Your Sexy Back…(even if you’re not feeling it!)‘, generated many insightful, and fun, comments. Even my mom, just a bride of 1 1/2 years of marriage, weighed in. Clearly it’s a topic that we women put some thought into and discuss with our friends. I love hearing your ideas and inspirations, and it’s not too late to add your voice to the discussion here. It’s clearly a hot topic just before Valentine’s Day! For the husbands whose wives are planning to reignite that spark this weekend, you are welcome!!


It takes two to tango!


Just for fun, here’s a love story (based on a true story) stretching from San Francisco to Barcelona, two of my favorite, romantic spots, from my friend, Dale of Savvy Sleepers.

If you have a love in your life, enjoy celebrating each other this weekend. If you are between relationships, and/or single by choice, do something special for yourself. Flowers, chocolate, champagne, sparkles are worthy gifts to ourselves, as well as for a lover. If you are looking for a relationship, my best advice is BE OPEN. Get out there, try new things, be curious and adventurous. You just never know who you will meet around the next corner that will change your life.


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Happy Valentine’s Day, darlings!


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How romantic of your husband to take you on a getaway and lol about him calling you ‘darling.’ It does sound so 1940’s romantic and it’s such great advice how you two pay attention to each other and communicate. I’m going to mark that book down to read too and thank you SO much for sharing our video, I was so excited to see it in your post. And yes, San Francisco and Barcelona are so romantic!



Hi Heather,
I’m very happy for you, that you and Scott have each other. It’s a good thing to read about, and what’s nice is that the healthiness of what you both share is truly felt throughout all of your posts. I have to admit, I can’t really think or write about some topics like this for various reasons, it’s just too difficult. Sometimes I find I cannot even look Valentine’s Day in the face, I find it best to pretend it’s not here. But I wanted you to know that for you I am very glad it is such a wonderful day. xx Nancy


I wish I had seen this comment on Saturday, Nancy. I’ve been there, and I definitely understand what you are feeling…I’ll never forget it. Not just about Valentine’s Day, but the whole painful, heartbreaking relationship thing. I’ve been there several times in my life, and it’s okay to not focus on ‘it’ during those times. Continue to build the life you want to lead, stay open, curious and try new adventures with friends and family. I know it sounds simplistic, but I’ve seen it happen so many times, including to me, you just never know how your life can change around the next corner…mean it! Thanks for sharing..hugs!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Heather! How sweet of your husband to plan a romantic weekend for the two of you. Have a splendid time. I just love this picture of you guys. Enjoy this beautiful day of love.



Happy Valentine’s day, Sheri! I’m excited that he did the planning for this little adventure. He really go into it! I’ll plan the next one for him. Enjoy your day with your hubby! xx


HOW FUN IS THIS! Scott is wisking you away? DO TELL US SOON where! Heather AND Scott: ENJOY! Anita


I’m not sure where we are headed, but I’m looking forward to it. The weather is WARM here this weekend. Stay warm with your honey and Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Anita! xx


Happy Valentine’s to you two lovebirds! Have fun on your surprise adventure!! xoxo


Same to you, sweet Mel!! xx


Heather and Scott, happy Valentine’s weekend! I surprised my hubs by telling him that we are packing a bag and leaving late this afternoon for a quick getaway, and he was all for it. He made my lunch today as I was getting ready for work and trying to hurry out the door. So thoughtful! We have read the “5 Love Languages” years ago, and he knows my love language is Acts of Service. As a family therapist, I always recommend my clients read this book. Enjoy your weekend away, and so will we! xx Karen
p.s. Adorable video, and very romantic.


Oh Karen, that sounds like so much fun! Good for you for creating a special getaway for your husband. Would love to hear where you end up for your getaway. I didn’t realize you are a MF therapist. Wonderful! No wonder we ‘get’ each other. ;) Have a wonderful Valentine’s day with your hubby!


We ended up staying in Davis. We did a little wine tasting, a symphony at Mondavi, and a wonderful dinner at the Seasons. Headed home Sunday and baked and decorated Valentine cookies with two grandkids. A lovely weekend. It looks like you had a great one too! xx


It sounds wonderful, Karen! You did a fantastic job of planning for your husband. What fun! We ended up in Sacramento, dinner at the Firehouse in Old Town and wine tasting down the river. Wasn’t the weather gorgeous? Enjoy! xx

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