Tweeting with My Style Crush Kelly Wearstler (and the power of a genuine thank you)

When was the last time you had a moment that made you want to do a happy dance? Mine was earlier this week. My cell phone dinged and I looked over to see a twitter notification that my favorite designer/ tastemaker, Kelly Wearstler, had retweeted my tweet which included a post about her design style here.

 I opened my phone to see this:

Kelly Wearstler
@stylemindchic Thanks for the love. Xk

Heather Lindstrom


@kellywearstler You made my day!! xx

I had to read it three times to realize that Kelly Wearstler had also replied to me in person!

@stylemindchic Thanks for the love. Xk— Kelly Wearstler (@kellywearstler) March 18, 2014

I wanted to hoot and holler….do a happy dance….unfortunately I was in my office at school so I had to keep a lid on it. I quickly emailed a group of  blog friends because I knew they would understand how good that moment felt. My lifestyle blog post had been noticed by someone I have admired for a long while. For Kelly Wearstler to take the time to thank me for the ‘love’ was great validation and I respect her even more for making the effort.

This is also a reminder that a genuine thank you can have a true impact on someone else. I’ll never forget a genuine ‘thank you’ I received from my staff following a particularly grueling meeting I chaired last fall. It ended on a positive note, with good resolution, and not only did they give me thanks, they said I deserved a ‘group hug’, and they gave me one. That memory still makes me smile. There is power in a genuine thank you and it reminds me to be generous with my thanks to others.

My well worn copy of Kelly Wearstler’s ‘Modern Glamour’ in my office

For those of us in the blogging community we know that sometimes it can be a lonely process. Have you ever wondered if anyone is out there reading? Does any of this make a difference for all the effort you put in? Are these just ‘imaginary’ friends? I certainly have had those thoughts. Thankfully my genuine, caring and supportive blog friends have talked me in off that ledge. Have you ever felt that way?

On another note, if you are a blogger and you want to reach out to brands, causes or celebrities it never hurts to tweet your post and add, just as an example, a #george clooney or an @georgeclooney to your tweet (and no he doesn’t have twitter…if he did I might be in trouble with all posting about him #just jokes). You just never know who may be reading your work in the twitter world.

Update: I have not made my official blog move just yet since all the work is happening behind the scenes. I can hardly wait to get into my new digs, get settled and show you around.  You can find Stylemindchic on Bloglovin, FB or Twitter so we don’t lose touch. I will also post my new address on this site.

Thanks for following along.

Happy Friday and, finally, happy spring!!


Spring has sprung at my Stylemindchic Boutique!

Thank you for subscribing to Stylemindchic.
You make my day when you stop by!
xx, Heather

Heather Lindstrom

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How fabulous! I love La Kelly. So much fun!!


Heath, This was so cool! I know the feeling. It means a lot when you are out there Tweeting and posting and someone you respect actually notices and acknowledges you!! So neat and by this I can tell Kelly is a nice person too. Makes me like her even more and will follow her. Congrats girl and glad to see you get kudos!! xx
Kim p.s. Was fun to hear about it and please share with me anytime! I know how it is when no one else gets it is something super cool.


Yay! You sound thrilled, Heather, and I’m very happy for you. I’ve been at that ledge you mentioned quite often, wanting to jump off this “imaginary friend” ride, but then I read an encouraging comment or a very personal and heartfelt email, and I’m reminded how real and genuine my blog friends are. As you well know, I always make my way back no matter how many times I’ve tried to quit. :)
Please keep us updated on your move.
You’re a gem.


Great read Heather!


Hi Heather,

It is great when people appreciate what you do and get the recognition for good work, so I am happy for you.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend
Carolyn xo


Hi Heather, Wow! how fun to have this recognition! I have stopped tweeting…. it’s just too much with everything else. Social media is where it’s at and we DO need to move along with the times. I love your vignette! Have a wonderful weekend! xxleslie


I have had so many time that I almost just threw in the towel with blogging but then I realized that I learn so much by doing it and to heck with whoever wants to follow or read its all in the process! I love reading all your posts and since I am on Twitter ands follow you there I can keep up with your exciting life of travel etc!!! Cool about KW girl!!!


OH DEAR…I do not want to lose you, Heather! But I never use Twitter! Would you please visit me and let me know where you are when that change happens?

A genuine THANK YOU is always appreciated and I know what you mean about wondering if anyone out there reads or cares. I have many dear readers who always come by, but the numbers in comments keep dropping and I don’t know what that means…but still, there are caring souls who support the hard work we all do in organizing our blogs!



I am so HAPPY for you!!! This is what makes it all worthwhile!!! One of my favorite quotes is ” when you help someone get to the top, you find yourself there, also”. Your love for Kelly Wearstler’s design, inspires others to take notice of her work!! Your receiving the love in return is your moment at the top, also!!! xoxo


It’s great validation to be recognized by someone you admire. So many celebrities (for no better choice of words) simply don’t have time for accolades or personal notes, but when they do, look out! You WERE noticed.

I fell in love with Ms. Wearstler when I read an article about her in Domino a good 6 years ago. I was so impressed. Time passed and then I recently read a feature about her in House Beautiful. It should have been called Person Beautiful! :)

Anyway…good for you, pretty lady!



A genuine thank you does make all the difference in the world. I often wonder where the please and thank you’s went in the world today – they are not said that often. That’s so nice that you got recognition from the staff members that work with you.

Oh, I just love your jewelry, and I’m off to check out what’s new in your boutique. I have a fundraiser coming up and looking for a yellow piece of jewelry for the occasion.

Have a wonderful weekend, and “thank you” for your friendship, Heather.



That’s so exciting!! I am under utilizing twitter,and need to figure it out. So looking forward to meeting you soon! xoxo


How exciting. My exciting moment was when Denise Austin followed me on twitter. She favorites some of my tweets, but never talks. I sometimes wonder if it is her PR people :)


I am not snuffleupougus! Hehe

That’s so cool that she did that! Incredible that such people with busy schedules do so. Something similar happened to me and it also made my day so I understand how that feels! Good for you xxx

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