A Sunny Escape to Tulum & Lunch on the Beach in Akumal


Along with pristine beaches and turquoise Caribbean seas, Riviera Maya is also famous for the archaeological site at Tulum. This ancient Mayan fortress city and port, built late in the 13th century–during the post-classic period– was known for trading in jade and turquoise from the seaside location. The city is surrounded by walls of limestone on three sides and is nestled next to a beautiful beach. Scott and I had planned a day trip to explore the beauty of Tulum and Akumal. We rented a car at Secrets Silversands and headed out.




This is the iconic view of the Castillo, castle, with ancient limestone walls juxtaposed against the turquoise and blues of the sky and sea.




I would definitely recommend wearing your swimsuit under your clothing in warm weather. A number of fellow tourists stripped down and took a swim from the beach here. They ended up looking much more refreshed than I did. It was hot and steamy on this day in July. Walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat and swimsuit are definitely recommended for a visit to Tulum.


The beauty of this place is memorable.


After leaving Tulum we drove through colorful Akumal.


We worked up quite an appetite hiking around the ruins so Scott had an eagle eye out for someplace fun for lunch…


and he definitely found it–La Buena Vida— on the beach!


This spot, with tables, bean bags and hammocks on the beach was perfect for a relaxing, casual lunch.


For the more adventurous among us you can even dine in a tree top table.

margaritas in the sand

It doesn’t get much more relaxed than this…

fish tacos, guacamole and margaritas from your lounge chair on the sand.



For more on Tulum you can read Tripadvisor reviews here.


For more of our summer travel series: Secrets Silversands and Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita.

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What a fun trip Heather and I’m really regretting not seeing more places in Mexico besides Cabo a few years ago. The color of that water is so pretty and I’m jealous of your Margaritas! I have never had a good Margarita in Europe unless I make it myself lol. Love the colorful fence photo too in Akumal and you both look like you had a great time as always. :))



These are gorgeous photos (per usual!), Heather! I went to Chichen Itza a while back, but would love to scope out Tulum some time! I so wish I was having lunch in that tree top table today! Happy Friday! xo


Hi Heather! I am trying hard to get back to blogging AND commenting on my favorite blogs – everything takes 3 times as long with only one hand!! I have enjoyed following along vicariously on your incredible Mexico trip – the entire trip looked heavenly. I hope to get down there myself this fall to celebrate my 15th anniversary as well – if only my silly arm would get better quickly! Have a great weekend! xoxo


The colors, both ocean and land, are inspiring – looks almost like “make believe”…so perfect! hoping we can view more pics (over wine) in Napa at our reunion – thank you as always, Heather, for sharing your exciting adventures!


Thank you my dear friend! I’m so looking forward to our get together in Napa! xx


“Walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat and swimsuit are definitely recommended for a visit to Tulum.”

Good advice…..and the swimsuit should be with you at all times while traveling up and down the coast there! :)


You are so right about the swimsuit–always!! I really should have thought about that on the trip to Tulum. The sea looked so refreshing and I was steamy hot! :)


Your pictures make me want to go on a tropical vacation right away! I would love to see Tulum sometime. The last time we were in Cancun, which was many years ago, we took a trip to Chichen Itza. I think it’s time for another trip back to that area!


I have some fantastic ideas of places to stay if you do plan to visit Riviera Maya. It is such a relaxing spot. We loved it!


The colors are so stunning and vibrant!! It looks like a fabulous excursion. Fish Tacos and margarita for me too please :))
Thanks for sharing you terrific travel advice with us!!
XX Jen


You would have loved that beachy lunch by the sea, Jen. Cheers!! xx


Good morning sweet friend! Love seeing your memories of warmer days. It is getting COOL here and I’ve got to work on some testing this morning, then off to a meeting on Thursday then a mandatory clerical day on Friday! AHHHH! But the beach reaches in and pulls me off shore every time. THANK YOU!


I wish you a very smooth and inspired return to the work year routine dear Anita! xx

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