Postcard from Lake Tahoe Pt. 2 + An Essential Reason to Trust Your Intuition While Traveling



An Essential Reason to Trust Your Intuition While Traveling

The weather in the high Sierras can turn on a dime. One day we were lounging at the beach in swimsuits on the shores of Lake Tahoe, and the next day the temps dropped below freezing and it was snowing–on the last day of summer! Scott and I had planned to leave Tahoe on Thursday for a leisurely drive back to Chico with stops along the way. We awoke to a midday forecast of snow across the pass. We do not have 4-wheel drive or chains for Scott’s SUV, and we knew we needed to pack up quickly and get out before the snow arrived. I have never packed so quickly, or haphazardly, I just wanted to get in the car and go. In record speed, we checked out and hit the road.

About 20 miles into our drive home it started to rain, slush and then snow. I’ve had a few scary experiences driving in the snow without chains, and I had a pretty strong impulse at that moment that we should turn back. I was already very nervous about the driving conditions. Scott said he felt the same way, and after weighing our options we turned that SUV around and headed back to Incline. I called the resort and told them we were headed back. 20 miles of a return trip and we checked back into the townhouse where we had been staying. Luckily we had one more night on our 7-day reservation.

Mind you, the LAST thing I wanted to do was unpack, pull out all the leftover food, dirty clothes, tech gear and prep for another night, but we made the best of it. We watched the snow fall from the balcony feeling peaceful, knowing we were safe and sound. We had a leisurely comfort food lunch nearby at Jason’s Beachside Grille, took an afternoon hot tub in the snow, lit a fire in the retro fireplace and started watching ‘Big Little Lies’ on Netflix. It felt like an old-school snow day!

If you follow me on Facebook  or my Facebook Page you may alreay know this, but that afternoon we heard the news that there was a 16 car pileup, with a fatality, on I-80. Hail and snow made driving near impossible and the pileup stopped traffic for hours in the snow. We felt incredibly fortunate and blessed to have trusted our intuition, listened to that voice of reason and turned around before finding ourselves in the middle of that horrific accident.

The next day dawned with blue skies amidst some fluffy clouds. Though packing up and checking out felt a bit like the movie ‘Ground Hog’s Day’ we felt much more relaxed about the weather and the drive home to Chico.

We even took the time to enjoy a stop in the charming town of Truckee for a tasty diner breakfast at Jax at the Tracks and a few minutes of boutique shopping. As we drove past the accident site on I-80, with a huge stretch of orange cones marking the pileup and still being examined by the Highway Patrol, we saw the tow trucks pulling up a trailer that had gone over the side. This was such a good reminder to always trust your gut instinct, intuition or higher power when traveling. I, for one, am so grateful that we did.

The sunny version:

Our Postcard from Lake Tahoe Part One


Heather Lindstrom

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Good for you two: you got and paid attention to the forecast and what was going on around you, and you listened to what your intuition was telling you! I’m so glad you kept yourselves safe.


Crossing over Donner Pass in the snow is never a good idea! So good to read you are safe at home!


I always white knuckle that trip in the snow, Lynne. Thanks so much. Good to be home safe and sound! xx


I love this post, this little glimpse into a day or two of your trip, and then seeing that picture of you and Scott, it’s just heartwarming, I think to myself when I see you together, that is the best of life right there. I am a big believer in listening to the voices in my head, which scares my daughters :) when I talk about this out loud, but I think you are 100% right in listening to intuition, and although it’s always nice to head home according to schedule, it must have been an a-ha moment to read about the road conditions had you continued on your journey. Looking forward to your next post. I’m sorry I don’t comment that often, I started a full time job in April and life is busy, early mornings and late nights. But I love your posts, and your adventures.


It’s that time of the year in the mountains !!!
Just left Taos Ski Valley to look at a building site and the weather has already changed. So I think you’re N of that and it could easily snow early. Love it !!!


You are so right, Marsha. It is beautiful in the mountains….We just have to be prepared! xx

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