The Fascinating Thing About Travel


The fascinating thing about long distance travel is how you can pack a bag, cue up in line, enter a veritable cylinder for a ride in the sky and hours later the door opens to an entirely different world. The language, the architecture, the smells, even the pace of life around you. It is a bit surreal, especially after a long flight — or two or three — and being awake 30+ hours, but I always love that moment. It feels like re-entry to the world or time travel, and I’m hooked on the experience. Long distance travel is grueling, but the reward is definitely worth it.



On our last night in Paris Scott and I took a boat ride on the Seine, just as we did on our visit together back in 2003. Paris was crystal clear and the views of the city were amazing from the vantage point of the river. After sundown, we ended up at a picturesque café in Saint Germaine for a caprese salad and a carafe of rosé. We enjoyed lively conversation with new friends from Argentina, Switzerland, and the US under the moonlight, and didn’t even think about the time until midnight. Time escaped us again!  Thankfully we had already packed for our trip home the next day since we had to be up at 3:00 am to catch the shuttle to Charles de Galle and enter that cylinder in the sky.



We made the trip home safely, following 29 hours of travel, and are digging out from mountains of laundry, piles of mail and all the usual. It feels good to be home and sleeping in our own bed again. That’s the fascinating thing about travel… it all feels a bit surreal. I’m still dreaming of the beautiful places we visited on this trip, and I’m looking forward to sharing more on Italy and Paris. Despite all the beauty, and a desire to return as soon as possible, we are again reminded that there is no place like home.


What have you been up to this summer?

I have some blog reading and Facebook viewing to do, now that we are home, and I’m looking forward to catching up with you.



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Heather Lindstrom

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I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels. Your positive perspective and openness to new experiences is so evident when I read your post. Thanks for sharing!

What a great post! It was so much fun to follow you and Scott on your adventures! You photos were glorious!! xoxo

This was such a memorable trip, Sandy. Thank you! I have some new favorites places in Italy to share. Ciao! xx

Welcome home!!!! Your trip looks and sounds incredible. I am sure you had a wonderful time. Travel can be rough but is well worth the experiences. We’re thinking of doing Europe this fall but dreading the flight. It’s never fun, even if it’s done in first class. Looking forward to living vicariously through some upcoming blog posts about your trip….

We had a most memorable trip, despite some of the adventures. We saw some new favorite areas of Italy, like Positano and Capri, that are just picture perfect. I hope you do travel to Europe this fall. The flights are a challenge, but it is so worth it once you arrive.

Welcome home Heather and Scott! I so enjoyed your trip via armchair travel lol! I haven’t taken any major vacations this summer but have a few short weekend getaways planned. Enjoying patio and pool time with some good reads. Looking forward to hearing about your new retirement journey. I’m planning mine for next summer. Xx Karen

Hi Karen, I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed our travels. We found some amazing spots and I’m looking forward to writing more about them. Your summer sounds wonderful so far. Congrats on your upcoming retirement, Karen. That is so exciting! I will be sharing more of my retirement journey. It’s such an exciting time of life. Stay cool-it’s to be 108 here today.

I have truly been trying to learn something new each day about photography and writing. I am home and alone and I love it! But sometimes I need to have conversation with others to discuss the things I am struggling with in my learning of detailed techniques, so I look forward to having another friend come over to hash out these things. I guess I am never out of the learning mode!

I’m so excited for you, Anita! Learning something new everyday is an admirable goal. It sounds like your summer has been filled with projects, creativity, learning and some well-deserved downtime. Wonderful! Looking forward to your next inspirations.

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