Pierre Carreau via St. Barths

Sometimes an image brings back a favorite moment in time, like this one I spotted on Pinterest.

Favorite places, spaces, memories, future plans and dreaming……

I think that’s why some of us are practically addicted to our Pinterest virtual pin boards.

My boards here

I saw some images from Pamela Fiori’s beautiful coffee table book, ‘In The Spirit of St. Barths’, on pinterest and was

reminded how much I adore the look and feel of a coffee table book, especially when it reflects one of my favorite places.

With all this beauty available at our finger tips (no computer needed!)

As for St. Barths………….

This was one of those moments, at St. Jean Beach, on the Island of St. Barths.

It’s been nearly 10 years-but if I close my eyes I can remember that exact moment.

Pure Bliss

(peace, tranquility…not a care in the world)

It was a wonderful trip for us and the first time enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean together.

There is something magical about those sugar sand beaches.

We were kids!

Those 9+ years have gone by in a flash…..but my memories of that place in time I’ll have forever.

Thanks to Pinterest, coffee table images and photo albums.
When was the last time you felt it-bliss?

Wishing you more of those moments this week.

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Heather Lindstrom

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St. Bart’s is on my list one day, too.

I hope you are well.


Maybe one day, we can go to St. Barths. It’s always good to dream and look at photos. You and your hubby look so cute and happy. It is amazing how times flies by. Thanks for sharing your dreamy pictures. xo


I’ve never been to the BVI’s but now I really want to go! You and Scott make such an attractive couple – two people who really seems to be meant for each other. I am so glad you two make sure to have such fun and take such great trips together.


What great pictures of you and your husband! I love looking back at old holiday photos. Takes me right back there. I’ve never been to St Barths! Maybe something to think of for next winter. I’ll pop over to see your coffee table books. I love having big, glossy prettiness in my coffee table. Have a lovely day!! xo Jennifer


Lovely photos of you both enjoying St Baths. We visited Grenada several years ago and it’s fascinating the way each island has its own character. Although I love to browse Pinterest, there is something special about coffee table books and especially receiving one as a gift!


Heather, photos always bring me back to a special moment! Just when you least expect, a memory is summoned up, along with a multitude of emotions.

You have so many wonderful memories that you share with us. You and your husband seem to work very hard at making the most of every possible moment. I admire you greatly. And, am so happy that you both have found in each other the partner who wants to do so.

I love coffee table books. My home was usually the spot in which the ladies would catch up on the latest when they surrounded the coffee table, usually at a family function, baby or bridal shower. Never enough great coffee table books!

Have a beautiful day sweet friend!! xoxo


Stunning photos of you – you get such a lovely tan, looks gorgeous with your blonde hair. Have never ever been there but feel a little toe dip in the water with your post today….also St Barths and Calypso (or the other way around) is one of my fave stores in New York


Such gorgeous books in your store Heather. Nothing like stunning pictures to whisk us away (without all the airport stress ;-)
I “sometimes” feel that kind of bliss when I am at my home in Spain. Apart from Spain it would have been when I was in Maui which really is how I imagined heaven to be ;-)


Heather, Beautiful photos of you guys! I’d love to get to St Barths someday. I also adore coffee table books. This one looks like a real escape. I love your Chic Reads Collection!! You have great taste Heather!



YOU and I my dear, are water-sisters! I dream ( I mean, literally, nightly) about water. I’m either on the shore, on a bridge, or in the water, and your photos are LUSH! Fabulous destinations here, and you and your husband are just precious. You have and will continue to inspire me to get my husband out more to travel. MUCH LOVE TO YOU and thank you for visiting my post; my mother died 27 years ago, but my poem was written 3 weeks ago for an assignment. I am so busy with school, I had no time to post a regular post. Thank you for commenting. Back soon with a lighter post! Anita


Look at how cute you and your husband look in this picture! The Caribbean looks dreamy. All my kids went to the Caribbean a few years ago and the most wonderful time. Green-blue waters, peaceful time, great food….yes, I could get used to that.

Have a great week.



Love St. Barth’s!!! Last time I was there, I was in a big rain storm but loved it anyway.


Beautiful images! My girls bought me that Paris in color book last Christmas, I love it!’
Happy Monday, Karolyn


What great photos.

Hmmmm last time must be either Beverly Hills Hotel when my hubby whisked me away for a surprise last year or when we went to Antigua. Both of them feel like they happened 10 years ago now.



Hi Heather…Great minds think alike – my post today was about books too! St. Barth’s is SO gorgeous and I loved your photos.

Have a happy Monday! xoxo

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