Welcome to the Weekend…..{inspire me with bravery}
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via Have you ever had one of those weeks that feels simply endless? By Tuesday I was thinking the week should be winding down already……no such luck! I guess that’s why they call it ‘the grind’ sometimes. Finally, the weekend … Want More?

You Inspire {part 4} Nicole
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As I’ve already confessed, I enjoy design,style, travel, fashion and a well-designed stiletto from time to time.  I may find inspiration in a gorgeous fabric or flower arrangement, but I am deeply inspired by the women around me.  My friend … Want More?

You inspire {part 2} Elizabeth

My lovely friend from grade school, Elizabeth Russo-Ugarkovich, is an inspiration. We haven’t seen each other in years, but I’ve always remembered her warmth, laughter and gorgeous smile. It’s been fun to reconnect over Facebook and now Pinterest. We share some … Want More?

You inspire (part 1) Jeri
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I love a gorgeous color, design, photograph, musical riff, sunset or even a fabulous stiletto, but I am most inspired by the incredible women in my life.  There is something about a meeting of the minds, sharing a stream of ideas,  that ‘I get it’ … Want More?