5 Spring Classics to Add to Your Closet
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5 Spring Classics to Add to Your Closet No matter where fashion trends may take us, it’s crucial to have a foundation of classic pieces in your wardrobe. After all, these are the staples that will stand the test of … Want More?

Color Story: The Power of Flower!
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 Power of Flower! Perhaps it’s because my name, Heather, represents a flower (more specifically “a flowering shrub”) that I have a tremendous affinity for flowers. I adore them fresh, au natural, in a vase, in a photograph. A flower stand … Want More?

A Touch of Spring Fever…{are you feeling it}?
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What is it about spring? Some of us feel more alive… More curious…. More adventurous…. More playful… More romantic sexy… “Spring fever is a term applied to several sets of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring……an increase in energy, … Want More?

Welcome to the Weekend…and a Springtime Stroll in My Neighborhood
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From lazy days at the pool in Los Cabos to back to work & laundry piles, we are back into real life pretty quickly this week. At first it feels like…ugh (how can we?)…….but we all have to get back … Want More?

Springing Forward!
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It’s set the clocks forward an hour this weekend in the U.S. With all the ‘spring forward’ business I could use that hour but I will gladly take the longer days, more sunshine and the feeling that spring is on … Want More?

Spring has sprung in New York City!

Flowers are blooming all over NYC this week… we spotted them in over-sized flower pots, hanging baskets, expansive beds of brilliant color and bouquets ready to be carried away at the markets. Spring has sprung and we are enjoying it … Want More?

Color Story: Nude and Blush
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Go Nude… I sparked your interest there, didn’t I?   Pops of color are everywhere this season and, I must admit, I’m crazy about the bold and springy hues in my home and fashion.  Though I am flirting with color, … Want More?

Well hello Spring!
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Hello Spring! Though it’s been a mild winter here, I’ve missed you. Hearing your name gets me to thinking~ bright spring flowers, brilliant sunshine and trees in bloom everywhere. A picnic may be in order soon to celebrate. Welcome Back…… … Want More?