A Walk in Bidwell Park with Uno Alla Volta

It’s always a treat to discover a surprise package on the front step. I opened a box the … Continue Reading

Signature Style: Velvet Vibe

SIGNATURE STYLE: VELVET VIBE It seems that velvet is having a major moment right now. I’m spotting velvet … Continue Reading

Signature Style: The Perfect Black Leggings from Svelte

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Color Story: Yellow Crush

Color Story: Yellow Crush lemon.canary.daffodil.sunshine.banana.butter.limone.mellowyellow.goldenrod.lemon.canary.daffodil.sunshine Perhaps it’s the settling in after a dreamy tropical vacation getaway, the pins … Continue Reading

Brunch Style: Living on the Fringe with Uno Alla Volta

On the Fringe with Uno All Volta I have a new appreciation for brunch dates of late. Scott … Continue Reading


SIGNATURE STYLE: Summer Vibe We are in full-blown summer mode here by mid-July, at least here in Northern … Continue Reading