A Sweet Summer Wedding and a Walk in the Park #truelove



It was the perfect June day in Chico, California.

Warm, with a touch of cloud cover….

peaking between the clouds, the sky was brilliant blue.

It was the kind of day made for a summer wedding.



My dear friend Lily, the beautiful bride, was marrying her long-time friend, Joe.  Her two daughters, Ramona and Annabelle, were her lovely bridesmaids, along with their cousin, Olivia.



We gathered at their home–new to the four of them as a family…


for a short walk across the street through the natural beauty of Bidwell Park.


The bride wore something blue…

converse sneakers…for her walk in the park.

They held on tightly…


The setting, next to the creek, was sublime.




Friends and family gathered, some of us spoke words from the heart to celebrate their love,

and there was not a dry eye beside the creek that day.

Lily and Joe made their heartfelt vows…


and sealed them with a kiss!


Let the wedding celebration begin!



A love story and a wedding with family and friends to celebrate….


Dreams do come true…




We’ve been looking forward to this special day since around the time we had a dinner party at our house, early on in Lily and Joe’s romance here, and more recently with a prosecco and pretty things shower to celebrate our beautiful bride… I mean Joe’s bride!;)

I remember telling Lily, in our office on a difficult day a few years ago, that her future looked so bright. I could just feel it. She wasn’t sure but said she hoped that I was right.

Turns out their future isn’t just bright… it’s brilliant!

So happy for you Lily and Joe! xx

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Cheers to another sweet love story

and hope…..

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(all photos taken on my iPhone 6)

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Heather Lindstrom

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So beautiful! Thank you for the article. Lily looks so happy! <3


Ahhh thank you, Cathy! I’m so glad you caught the post. Both Lily and Joe are beyond happy…There story is lovely! xx


Pretty wedding pics, and lovely setting. Bidwell Park and that lovely river with the rocks brings back fond memories of my youth and carefree summers spent in Chico. Enjoy your remaining summer days Heather. A new school year is starting soon! xx Karen


I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the sweet wedding photos–and the memories of summers spent in the beauty of the park. It is pretty amazing isn’t it? What fun to have those memories of time with your family. I’m glad you caught this post and the summer views. Happy weekend, Karen!


Looks like a great day! Fyi… took me 4 attempts to leave a comment. did you change something?


Thanks for the info, Katie! I had changed out the gravatar setting but I’ve adjusted it back. Happy weekend!!


GOod morning Heather! I LOVE HER SHOES! That must have been simply magical, to be out in that gorgeous park under perfect skies. The bride, what a great outfit: simply, aiy, perfect for a casual California wedding, and that FAB aqua sneakers. YES!!!!!!!

Well my friend, the days are winding UP for school. I will be looking at my school email for the first time all summer on MONDAY. I originally told myself I’d open it up today on Friday but I don’t want to “ruin” my weekend! HAHAHHHAH

May the rest of your summer be sweet. Anita


Aren’t her shoes fun? The dress is simply perfect for a summer wedding-love it all! Yes, Anita, I had to check email this week and actually had 1 meeting in prep for going back on Monday. Enjoy every minute of the rest of your free summer time…we will both look back and be grateful for such a nice, long break.
Happy Weekend!

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