Summer Travel to Portugal and Spain

Lisbon city views

As you read this Scott and I will have arrived in Lisbon for our summer vacation to Portugal and Spain. It’s the perfect way to kick off July in my book. The history, beauty, romance and architecture of the culture have always appealed to me and these photos give just a glimpse of the adventures to come.

Lisbon Trains


 Our first stop is Lisbon where we plan to soak in the culture for a few days.

Vintage Lisboa

This view is from the boutique hotel, Vintage Lisboa, where we will stay in Lisbon.


We will move on to the Algarve in Albufeira to stay at a beach club.


I’m looking forward to exploring some of these sunny beaches.


Next we journey to the historic, romantic beauty of Seville (Sevilla), Spain

View from terrace at Fontecruz Sevilla

 and this picturesque view from the Fontecruz, Sevilla.

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San Sebastián and, finally, Barcelona will round out our holiday.


 Did you know that Pinterest now has a map function?  Our trip as seen on pinterest


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I’m hearing of all kinds of wonderful summer travel plans from my readers.

Safe travels to you and I can hardly wait to hear more of your adventures!

Bon voyage!




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Hi Heather,

wonderful photos of where you are going to spend your holidays.
Have a fabulous and safe vacation.


Wow! I wanna be where you are! :) Seriously, I’m so excited (and jealous) of your exotic travel plans. You deserve it too, I hope you guys totally relax and soak in every minute of your fab vacation Heather. I’m following along on Instagram and will be living vicariously through you my friend.


Gorgeous photos! Have the time of your life, Heather! Can’t wait to see pics on your blog, IG, and FB!
Dawn Lucy


Oh Heather, this is so exciting! I feel as if I am there too! Thank you for sharing Pinterest’s map function; this is exciting!

The photos you share to whet our imaginations are just exciting. I know that as I type this, you are probably touching down or getting settled. THAT BEACH! I know where you will be! May this be a super relaxing and fun-filled voyage for you both. Many hugs my dear one! Anita

Love to hear from you!