While visiting in Newport Beach last month my sister, Dorie, whisked me away to a place she knew I would love. It’s called the OC Mix, at the SoCo Collection, a group of locally owned boutiques and specialty food bites all wrapped in one easy, breezy afternoon.

It was a perfect day to do some exploring
Luscious pots of succulents were on full display everywhere we looked.

One of my favorite spots was ‘Rolling Greens’ the colorful home and garden center brimming with all types of inspiration.

We were joined by lovely Marcia, Dorie’s mom and my birth mom (that’s another story here).

We enjoyed a fresh, healthy, crave worthy salad at Greenleaf Chopshop for lunch. Dorie and Marcia created a succulent business, Broadway Botanicals, and vendor their beauties at Greenleaf and a number of other locations in Orange County.

(Shhhh a little secret…where does Dorie get that glowing skin here?)

These are just a few of the latest creations from Broadway Botanicals.

Dorie finds the most unusual types of succulents and vessels. I’m not surprised at her creativity sinceshe is also a fashion designer and was a lead designer at St. John  for 21 years. She’s designing succulent creations now and look for more fashion designs from her in the months to come.I have just the perfect place-Stylemindchic Boutique so keep your eye out!

We’ve been having a love affair with succulents the last couple of years according to Pinterest. For some, especially in colder climates, succulents need special care during the winter. I found this ‘Winter care for succulents’ here.

If you ever find yourself in Orange County California I highly recommend you put the OC Mix on your travel agenda.

Thanks for sharing sweet sista!

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Do you have a green thumb? Are you a surprise branch in your family tree like I am?
Happy Monday loves!


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Heather Lindstrom

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Heather, Just love the OC and the home store there. This looks like a super fun and cool place to shop. Your sister is obviously talented like you. Adore succulents also and the way they are in these lovely containers makes me want to have them all over!
So pretty!

Looking forward to whatever your sister makes for your boutique!
xx Kim


What a fantastic place you go to the best places!!


Good heavens, what a glorious PLACE! And the chandies, the pots, the FRENCHNESS of it all! Born and bred in L.A. but very familiar with Orange County, I can almost smell the savory scents of the food, the chatter and laughter of the people…thank you Heather for always celebrating what is lovely. HAPPY HUGS! Anita


I would certainly enjoy a wander around the lovely garden centre with the collection of gorgeous pots. Your sister is obviously a very creative lady and the choice of container makes all the difference too.


What a great place to shop, Heather. The candles caught my eye, as I love them and make the house so warm and cozy.

Happy Thanksgiving! Nel will be making the dinner this year for the first time as a married lady. It will be interesting to see her table and all.

Enjoy your turkey!



Those plantings look amazing. What a fun place to explore. I’ll have to go back and click on the link about Dorie’s glowing skin now. But in answer to your question…you can almost hear the plants scream as I approach them at a nursery. I’ve learned to appreciate plant life from afar. Have a glorious week.


Those succulent arrangements are just that…succulent! I like them as they don’t take much space for land lacking gardens over here. Love them xx

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