Style*Mind*Chic Life Turns 5!! [Reflections on Blogging]

My happy place – Los Cabos 2007


It’s hard to believe that StyleMindChic Life began 5 years ago today. I’ll never forget the excitement, and fear, of pushing the publish button on this tiny first post. I think it is safe to say it takes time to find your voice as a blogger. I know it did for me. There are still times, though less frequently now, that I take a step back to rediscover my voice. As with any creative project, a blog is chameleon and changes over time. In the big picture, it is because we change over time and the blog is a reflection, a visual journey of change. My little blog has grown from a few posts on Blogspot to a full lifestyle website housing 500+ posts of my lifestyle/travel blog, my online StyleMindChic Boutique and now the addition of Curated Travel Services.


If you are new to Style*Mind*Chic Life:

5 Things You May Not Know About Me

1 – The name for my blog happened completely by accident. I wanted to create a blog with a blend of style and mindfulness, with a nod to my career in school psychology. When I tried various versions of style and mind on Blogspot, my original blog platform, all those names were taken. I added the ‘chic’ (not chick; by the way) just to grab a title that day.

2 – Though it surprises some people, I’m an introvert at heart. I’m a fairly shy person and though I love gatherings and parties- known as the life of the party on occasion – I need a day or two of quiet time to rebalance myself. It’s interesting to note that many bloggers have an introverted side to them. Can you relate to being an introvert often functioning as an extrovert?

3 – I’m proud to say I’m married for the THIRD time. YES!! I’m owning it — and this ‘three’s a charm’ marriage to Scott has lasted 16, frequently blissful years. For those of us who experience heartbreak, loss and divorce, I understand the journey. For those of us who remarry, after loss or divorce, I consider us optimistic and hopeful.

4 – I was adopted and found my birth family, including a full-blooded sister and brother, twenty years ago. It’s been an amazing journey for me. I started this blog with a goal to share more of that story and I feel like this is the year.

5 – I made a bold move by retiring from my 33 years in education last summer. It has been empowering, and also nerve-wracking at times. I’m reinventing myself at age 55, and trusting my instincts that the timing is right. I’m now working from my laptop on my lifestyle blog, my online boutique and my newly launched Curated Travel Consultant service, and that is my dream come true.

A few of my favorite images over the years:




 Favorite Blog posts (at least today!):

A Wedding in Siena

Boating to the Isle of Capri

How to Dress European Chic

The Knot Throws a Dream Wedding in Wine Country

Getaway to Positano, Amalfi Coast

My Style Icon – STYLE GUIDE: Barbie

Date Night at Home



If you are a blogger, you can probably relate to this. Each time a blogger clicks the button to publish a post, we are putting another piece of ourselves out into the world. We are opening ourselves up to words of appreciation, a meeting of the minds, constructive criticism or…crickets (the worst!). Blogging has expanded my world with amazing connections, brand collaborations and opportunities I could have never imagined.

I am grateful for you, the readers and supporters of StyleMindChic Life. Thank you for reading, commenting, emailing and for continuing the conversation. I learn so much from you, and you enrich my life exponentially. Thank you for shopping with me over at StyleMindChic Boutique and allowing me the pleasure of planning unforgettable travel experiences for you and your families at Curated Travel. We continue to grow and change at StyleMindChic Life.  Look for more inspiration for the curated life –  travel and style  – in the coming months and years.



If you are a blogger, how has your blog journey changed over time?

Cheers to you for being here and cheers to another 5!



Heather Lindstrom

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Ahhhh! Heather! I remember when that ICONIC image of you in the pool popped up on my PC! Been with you since the beginning! For, me this past year has been like your couple of days needing time to yourself. I had to let go for awhile. I am gradually getting back into the groove. Your boutique has grown magnificently! Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations, Heather, and Happy New Year. I’ve missed visiting with you, and with many blogging friends. Our 2016 was not too kind, or maybe I was spoiled by all the magic in 2015 (our daughter’s wedding and two graduations). I’m looking forward to visiting again. Stepping out and reaching out more than ever this year.
Your page is beautiful, and the colors so soothing, like a breath of fresh air.
Love and blessings!


Congrats Heather on the blogversary!!


Thanks so much, Jodie! How long have you been blogging? xx


RETIRED!!!! GOOD for YOU……….and CONGRATULATIONS on five years!
I ask myself all the time why do we do this……………because it is FUN and YOU meet the MOST interesting people!
I look at my blog as a journal of my LIFE!One way of keeping g track of what WE DO!


Contessa!! Thanks so much for the kind words on my 5th year of blogging! You are so right, blogging is such an interesting journey. It has expanded my world in so many wonderful ways. It sounds like it has done that for you, too. Love it when you stop by!


Hi Heather, and happy 5th blog birthday! Wishing you much success as you continue your travel and boutique journey. I’m quite sure blogging is not on my journey, but other creative outlets will be on my path as I hope to pursue later this year. In the meantime I enjoy taking moments to stop in and and enjoy my fav blogs. Xx Karen


I always enjoy it when you stop by, Karen. Thank you for the kind words and for being such a kind friend in blog world. I am SO excited for you and your upcoming retirement chapter. You will no doubt enjoy the flexibility and creativity of your day to day life. Can’t wait to hear more!

Love to hear from you!