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New Chapters for Style*Mind*Chic Life!

For five years I have enjoyed curating collections of fashion, jewelry, accessories, gifts and more for my online Style*Mind*Chic Boutique.  As with any new entrepreneurial endeavor, there is a steep learning curve, lots of trial and error, and yet I am so pleased with how my business has grown over the years. It has truly been a fantastic run for the ‘Art of Chic’.

It all started with the idea to gather items that caught my eye, while traveling, for the boutique. I would carefully hand carry the pieces home, photograph them, write the descriptions, upload them to the boutique and create themes and collections. It was a definitely a creative endeavor for me. When I heard the ‘ding’ that I had made a sale, it was always exciting. Not only for the financial aspect, but it was also about validation as a tastemaker and support of entrepreneurship.

As the boutique expanded over the years, I began curating collections of designer items and developed relationships with emerging designers from around the world. I enjoyed those connections, the limitless creativity and chic style with a global vibe.

As an entrepreneur, I learned about photography, writing product descriptions, SEO, marketing, social media strategy, bookkeeping and a host of other business skills. Today I’m looking back at the evolution of my Style*Mind*Chic Boutique.

Some early collections and playing with photography:

Learning graphic design and marketing for promotions — some designs and campaigns were more successful than others. ;)

All kinds of Gift Guides:

Jewelry Crushes!

The Spa Collection – One of my favorite collections

I decided that “he” needed some gifts too!

stylemindchic-boutique-gift-guides stylemindchic-boutique-gift-guidestylemindchic-boutique-gifts

gifts-her-stylemindchic-boutique gifts-her-stylemindchic-boutique


And that time I sold 15 necklaces to a book club in New York for the holidays.

I remember wrapping each one individually — for free — for a rush order!

As a business owner, I also learned that I am tenacious, stubborn and that it’s not easy to close a chapter; but the time is right.  While I have enjoyed curating my stylish collections, in my heart I know that my passion lies in travel, for my clients and myself. With that said, I have chosen to close Style*Mind*Chic Boutique.

I spotted this little charmer in San Francisco. Let’s never lose the desire to wish and dream….

Thank you to my lovely customers who have supported Style*Mind*Chic Boutique for the last 5 years. I’ve had purchases from childhood friends, high school friends, blog friends, travel friends, local friends, my supportive family and many, many customers from around the world that I have never met.  Your support means everything to a budding entrepreneur and I am grateful.


In this new chapter, I am able to focus fully on my Curated Travel services – creating unforgettable getaways for my clients – and this, my Style*Mind*Chic Life blog, featuring travel and style. Rather than spinning 3 plates, it feels like these two elements of my brand compliment each other naturally.  A savvy entrepreneur knows when it’s time to refocus. I will continue to share style collections and favorites in fashion and beauty on the blog at the TO SHOP link in the header.

Happily, I will continue supporting entrepreneurial visions with my local FEISTY chapter for female entrepreneurs. I am also launching a monthly Curated Travel + Style Newsletter that you can sign up for below. Please continue to shop Savvy Sleepers, EMME bag, and Gilded Decay candles directly from the talented designers.

One chapter closes, but another is just beginning.

Thank you for following along!


Curated Travel


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Heather Lindstrom

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I believe in whatever you put your mind to. You are ever evolving! Growing is exciting! Change to allow more growth is exciting!! I am so happy for you!! xo


Hi Shelly, You have been there from almost day one of my blogging and entrepreneurial journey. I so appreciate your encouragement and support, of all my endeavors, over the years. Letting go of a successful business after 5 years is not easy, but I’m excited for this next chapter of focusing on travel, travel consulting, blogging, my soon to be retired husband and a new grandbaby due in November. Thanks for your kind words today. Happy spring, lovely friend! xx


Change is always good. However I am sad, I’ve enjoyed shopping the boutique, your offerings have made great gifts! Congrats on this new chapter in life xo


You have been a loyal supporter of my ventures, Dorie. Thanks for sending me that first ‘dollar’ when I launched my business. You were SO right about watching it grow. I’ll always remember that chic little Italian hat you bought–super cute on you!! Thanks for the love! xx


Great post Heather and it’s both sad and exciting news, but like you said, now you can focus. I feel so honored I was able to have my product in your store and buy dresses and jewelry from you over the years. Now I will save them forever too since they will be classic Style Mind Chic pieces. :) I can’t wait to see what your travel business has in its future and just signed up for your newsletter! Huge congrats to your new focus and adventure.



Hi Dale, It has been my pleasure to carry Savvy Sleepers in my boutique (the Spa/Home/Gift Collections!) over the last few years. I’ve always enjoyed our collaborations and coffee get togethers when you are in Chico. Thanks for being a regular customer, too. I’ll never forget how fab that maxi looked on you. Great pic! Here’s to more collaboration and fun get togethers in our future, girlfriend. xx

Love to hear from you!