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Creating Outdoor Living Spaces at Home

Creating a Cozy Space at Home

Creating a Home for the Holidays and Merry Wishes
A Long Weekend Just in the Nick of Time
What to do When Your Dinner Party Gets Rained Out

Be My Guest…..Creating a Welcoming Guest Room for Summertime
Our Master Bedroom Restyle
On My Dressing Table…….

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Color Story~Stripe it rich!
Color Story~Turquoise and Gold
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Globetrotting in Style with UncommonGoods
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Globetrotting with UncommonGoods As an avid traveler and travel consultant, it’s no surprise that I’m intrigued by globes. In fact, the only collection I allow myself to cultivate is my growing assortment of globes. I’m on the lookout for unique color schemes … Want More?

Decking the Halls + the Best Way to Find Christmas Cheer!
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Have you noticed? The holidays are a bit bittersweet for many of us. The longer we live more the reality of life – loss and heartbreak – seems to walk with us. This can add an extra layer to the … Want More?

Celebrating New Chapters and a Feature on ‘Dreams on 34th Street’!
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Celebrating New Chapters! I’m a big believer in celebrating the milestone events in life. It’s not about how much money is spent or expensive gifts, it’s about marking that moment in time. Just taking a few moments to acknowledge the … Want More?

Color Story: Navy Blue
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After donating my leather pumps, a chic little handbag and a stylish suit in this color, several years ago, this shade suddenly seems fresh again. I’m talking about the color navy blue. The one dress I bought on my recent trip … Want More?

In the Mood: Dine Al Fresco at Home
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Al Fresco Dining The jet lag has eased up, yet my mind is still a kaleidoscope of images from our summer vacation in Italy and Paris. As I’m sorting through 1,000+ photographs I’ve decided I’m not going to rush to … Want More?

Date Night: Al Fresco Dinner At Home
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Date Night: Al Fresco Dinner  It’s been a busy month around here and I’m in need of calming my spirit. I just discovered images of a date night at home from way back on Valentine’s Day. Feels like I’m a bit behind the 8 ball but I’m … Want More?

Style Inspiration: Outdoor Living Spaces
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Outdoor Living Spaces Isn’t this photo captivating? A dining terrace in Lake Como, Italy, overlooking the sea. I would say it is because Scott and I will be visiting Lake Como in July that I’m so enthralled, but I pinned … Want More?

Color Story: Rose Gold
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Rose Gold Is it just me or has the blushing, glowing shade of rose gold grown on us over the years? Rose gold plays equally well as a neutral or a shining accent shade. Rose gold seems to have a … Want More?

Holiday Cheer from Our Home to Yours!
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Wishing you holiday cheer from our home to yours on Christmas day. Well hello there and welcome to Stylemindchic Life. I can’t tell you how much it means that you’ve stopped by today. During this season of celebrating family, friendships … Want More?

The Fine Art of Tender Loving Care #TLC
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We are 9 days in since my husband’s shoulder surgery and things have gone as well as possible. The best news is that Scott isn’t feeling any real pain! There has been lots of down time–icing, dozing, reading, catching up … Want More?

Fashion + Decor Mix = Falling for Autumn Palettes
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Fashion + Decor = Falling for Autumn Palettes I’m always a bit intrigued with how our fashion and decor themes inspire each other so I thought I’d mix it up today. Do you remember the fashion image above?  The luxurious … Want More?

Creating a “Sunny Escape” for House Guests
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Scott and I had the pleasure of hosting house guests for the long weekend. It was late summer and the weather was picture perfect for poolside lounging and some outdoor fun in Chico. My sister, Dorie, and her guy Michael, … Want More?

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