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The last time I asked my sister, Heidi, two years younger than me, to play Barbie dolls, she replied, “I’m too old for that!” Oops….Clearly she had outgrown the long, lean, perfectly tanned, stylish dress up sessions years before I had. I loved my Barbies! I was the director as Barbie hung out with her friends, had adventures and played dress up. I finally got a Ken doll and I loved their long, leisurely dates, dressed and redressed, to the nines. There was sometimes a little romance, and kissing, at the end of the date. I will never confirm, or deny, whether or not my Barbie and Ken actually made out (but look at them, wouldn’t you?). Play, it’s so clearly a way that children experiment with life before they actually live it.

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Scott and I were doing some early spring cleaning recently and he brought in boxes for me to sort. I knew I had several Barbie cases, but I hadn’t opened them in many years. As I pulled out outfits, neatly hung on Barbie hangers, I realized that Barbie had some pretty cool style. In fact, some of what Barbie was wearing looks familiar and very ‘now’ with the whole 70’s vibe that’s happening. I realized, not only would I wear that, I have that! I’m loving a jumpsuit this season, though I wear one in black. I had a major ‘must have’ moment over a coral lace maxi dress last summer, exactly the color of the lace top above. I have a thing for ‘mixed metals’ and have a bronze swimsuit similar to the one above. The shades of greens, yellow, coral, and pops of color in prints, are all filling my closet. I realize the ultimate power of a white blouse in a wardrobe. Add a touch of black chiffon, a high heel and some sparkle…all are familiar themes on this blog and style secrets.


Style Secrets from Barbie:

Bright, bold colors and prints can make you happy!

Tangerine Dress Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle

Dress in your favorite shades and

Color pop clothing on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

 don’t be afraid of bold prints!

Colorful clothing hanging in the closet on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

A jumpsuit, especially black, can make you look longer and leaner than you might actually be. If you wear a heel, it will add to the illusion of length. Of course Barbie has high heels conveniently built-in to her feet. #genius

Barbie style lessons on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

A white blouse can take you everywhere. A ‘Barbie’ style cap can cover any number of bad hair days. A coral lace maxi may remind you of a Barbie outfit that you didn’t even remember.

Black chiffon dress Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle

Chiffon can make you feel feminine, and a little sexy, especially if it’s black.

A pair of stilettos can elevate your mood and your derrière

 (of course Barbie has that built-in too!).

Sparkle and Shine fashion details on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

A touch of sparkle will always elevate your look.

I was amazed to see the similarities of my favorite Barbie outfits and some of my style choices today.

It’s true that Barbie had some style secrets to share!

They say that what goes around, comes around, in fashion and in life.

Gucci Ad and My style from when I was 10 years old are the same brown coat
Gucci-Vogue 2015 Heidi and Heather circa 1970’s


If that’s true, it seems Gucci “stole our look”!  Heidi and I were sporting this look in the early 70’s!

You’ve always had fabulous taste Gucci and I thank Barbie for sharing some stylish secrets early on.

My Mom and Dad Heather Orr Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle

My true style icon is, of course, my mom.

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How about you?

Who were your style icons?

Were you a Barbie fan?


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Heather this was wonderful. I even had that green glittery dress with the chiffon skirt for my Barbie! I know mine are stored somewhere too and I have to dig them out. I also played Barbies way longer than other girls.. (I had to hide it in jr high.) Isn’t that funny? I think you make some great points. We need to follow Barbie style -be bright, pretty, and chiffon is fun! Love that suede coat!! You are the modern embodiment of Barbie!! xxoo Kim


Heather I read this last night in bed and I had to come back and tell you how much I enjoyed this post! It was so surprising to hear others talk about Skippy and Barbie and Ken and Midge. Oh my god I loved Midge I think I had one of the old originals. I used to be the voice for all the them, acting out all kinds of stories for my twin cousins who would insist that I “put on a show” for them. Boy what I’d give to have a video of one of those play sessions. What was my view of love and romance back then? I know it was a sweet one. And you look absolutely fabulous in your Barbie themed colors, so chic! I wish I was better about wearing bright colors, I have my hot pinks and deep blues but mostly I love my black and white. Sigh. I think I might be too boring for Barbie style.


What a fun, original post which I thoroughly enjoyed as I loved Barbie (and even made her a few dresses too!) Wonderful that you still have so many of her ourfits. We had a clear out last summer which took twice as long as it should have as we kept reminiscing as we came across items from the past. All your touches of sparkle are lovely and yes I think Gucci did steal your look!


Heather, Yes I loved Barbies! I only had one case, and would you believe my mom made me a few Barbie clothes that I still have? You and your sister look in style even back then. What a treasured picture of the two of you. You look so fabulous in the silver, and the orange dress is so pretty too. And I love that picture of you wearing the cap. Oh Heather, I think I love your style because you’re not afraid to have color in your wardrobe. Such a sweet post, and here’s to Barbie lovers!



Wow! Barbie’s designers were prescient back in the 60’s…. that coral lacy skirt is especially on trend for now…. i’m almost inspired to diverge off my neutral path….


Oh! I wish I had kept my one Barbie doll, circa 1960. She was an original with the black and white stripe swimsuit, and I loved to style her in the long evening gowns. Several years later, in a flurry to denounce my “childish” ways, I gave Barbie to a younger friend. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. What fun to see your ’70’s Barbie clothes! xx


I can totally relate to this Heather and asking my sister (who was also 2 years younger) to play Barbies one day and she was like, ‘I’m too old to still play Barbies, I don’t like them anymore’ lol but I still loved them and talked her into it. Especially all the clothes and I used to make little houses all over my bedroom floor and Barbie and Ken and would date, break up and get back together. So much Barbie drama! haha. I saved all my old Barbie stuff too and love that pic of you and your sister. Gucci totally stole your look. :) Great post and it was fun taking a trip down memory lane.



So fun!! You have an amazing wardrobe. I was never a Barbie fan. I’m not sure why, I just wasn’t that into her.
I love, love chiffon. Why don’t I own more of it?
Happy Weekend. xx Jennifer


I love chiffon too, Jen! Here’s to more chiffon in 2015. Thanks for the kind words. I always appreciate your stylish perspective, girlfriend!


Oh what fond happy memories. My Mom made all of my Barbie’s clothes. I had, correction have, a bubble Barbie, Midge, Ken, Allen, Skipper and a bendable Barbie! I received my first Barbie for my 6th birthday. She was standing on the table with my birthday cake. . . a cat cake with coconut frosting, you know fur! She had on her wedding dress and veil! I’m 59 now. That 6th birthday is still one of my best memories! My Mom played Barbie with me. Writing this is bringing happy tears to my eyes. Thanks for the memory!


Hello Nila, I’m so happy my post brought back fond memories for you. That birthday party sounds extraordinary! Isn’t it fun to remember all those details, like the cat cake, Barbie in a wedding gown, and mom playing Barbie with you? Thanks for stopping by!


What stylish kids you were in suede and boots!

I can happily play barbies with my nieces for hours still. That is why I love blogging. I’m still playing barbies…only I’m the one that is dressing up now.



I love that, Suzanne! You are still playing dress up and now you are the Barbie! Fun!


Heather, one of my aunts used to sew Barbie clothing for me! My style icons were and are Audrey, Grace, Jackie and two of my older cousins who always were very stylish!

The Arts by Karena


I love your style icons, Karena! Classic style and beauty always comes through your design aesthetics.
Happy Sunday!


Here I am!
I never wish to be “anon” when I visit here!


What was so amazing about our Barbie generation ( I am a decade ahead of you, lovely ), was the focus on the clothes. We had one Barbie, with an amazing wardrobe. Later to be replaced by a lesser quality look complete with the doll herself. I think our daughter, Chrislyn had seven or eight Barbies.

I received my Barbie for Christmas in 1962. She wore a black and white striped one piece. I also received the Gold Lame cocktail dress with the Opera coat complete with mink trimmed 3/4 length sleeves.

Barbie was also miniature mannequin and design dress form for so many of us..

You should make a miniature collage and frame it, Heather! You are so talented at putting it all together. It could be fun placed in your office at school.


What fun history, Lynne! It sounds like you had one of the original Barbies with the black and white swim suit. I always love a touch of gold lame! I completely agree with the miniature mannequin and dress form. It’s so interesting how those early impressions can inform our style years later. Love it when you stop by and no, never anonymous, dear Lynne!


Good morning sweet Heather! Oh, I could tell you stories about my Barbies…..but the one story that I will share is that my Barbie (and Stacey, and Midget and Skipper and Ken, etc) had the best wardrobes, thanks to my mom. My mother sewed every article of clothing, from slips, nylons, evening gowns crusted with beads, fur coats, suits, underwear, and even crowns and necklaces. I’d come home from school and laid out on my bed was a new outfit… mistake was getting rid of it all. That was a huge mistake.

YOU are lucky to still have these memories with you, in hand. So lovely to see you! Anita


Your mom sewed all the fashions? What a talent! She clearly enjoyed sewing, creating and sharing all that beauty with you. I see that talent coming through in so much of what you do, Anita. Ethereal beauty infusing castles, crowns and cottages…lovely.
Happy Sunday! When do you travel to Carmel?


Oh, Heather, I love Barbie’s style. In fact, I follow her on Instagram. I have the first Barbie that I purchased for myself–she was brunette. I, also, have the original Midge, Barbie’s best friend, and Skipper, her little sister. I have my original outfits. Plus, I have a few that a friend’s mom sewed for me, with me playing the role of fashion designer. I must say, I am impressed with my choices, at such a young age. Ha! I didn’t role play much with Barbie, she was more of a fashion icon in which I relentlessly dressed and redressed. Nonetheless, as always, I am in love with your various outfits; such as, the black dress and gold sandals. I absolutely love that look. To me, it’s a combination of Barbie’s ability (as well as yourself) to pull off classic beauty and sexy fashion icon. I, equally, love the coral maxi, the bold mix prints, the metallics, and the Gucci impression of the belted coat and boots!!! I love that Barbie, and you, are able to move through the decades and can effortlessly wear the mix of classic fashion and the trend of the time. This was such a fun post reminiscing about Barbie and the impact she’s had on the majority of us. I, also, endearingly agree, that my mom had a huge impact on me, as well, when it came to fashion. We’re the lucky ones. xo


I had no idea what a chord this post would strike with you, Shelly. I love it! I can only imagine the stylish, timeless, beautiful fashions you created for your Barbie dolls. They would certainly win the best dressed awards! Thank you for your kind words about my style-it’s a compliment coming from you. I agree, a LBD will get you everywhere! I laughed so hard when I saw that Gucci ad in the February Vogue with the brown coat. ;) Happy Sunday! xx

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