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Our spring garden in Nob Hill Stylemindchic Lifestyle
Our spring garden circa 2000-2006

Welcome to the weekend! We are springing forward, with daylight savings time, as well as with mindset. I need it…It’s been a tough week here. I got a speeding ticket on my way to a meeting at work the other day. They pulled three of us over, all doing the same speed, but clocked by an airplane. UGH! It was such a good reminder for me to slow down, and not take everything at break neck speed. This is also a good metaphor for life. Slow down and just breath (remember this post?). Weighing heavily on my heart, is the experience of one of our students, with emotional issues, and a suicide attempt on a bridge. Our girl was saved, thanks to the swift and thoughtful actions of our amazing staff, and the police. This talented girl has been in my program for 5 years and I know her path is as challenging as it gets. If you, or anyone you know, is struggling (and we’ve all been there), please know there is always support National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call 1(800) 273-8255. I am reminded of the fragility of life today.

Calla Lilies from our garden on Stylemindchic in Chico, CA

It’s hard to take a mental turn, but I need to. I’m seeing signs of spring… beautiful green fields, blooming calla lilies, and blue skies with white puffy clouds out my window today. I love this time of year. The top photo was taken of our spring garden in our previous home. The signs of wisteria blooming was always a salute to spring.  Along with spring beauty I’m focusing on some fun moments with 2 of my 3 step-daughters, Annika and Briana, last weekend. We planned a dinner and movie night for the girls. The feature film, Les Miserables, is a family favorite. Click the link and I challenge you not to cry at that song. We dined on a french inspired dinner and the girls and Scott even raised a French ‘flag’. Moments like these remind me of true priorities in life.

Annika and Bri Lindstrom

There are some fun blogging events happening lately. A media company invited me to attend a blogger event/fashion show in San Francisco, featuring an ‘it girl’ of the modeling world (and Sports Illustrated), Kate Upton. Due to work commitments (remember that meeting when I got a ticket?), I had to pass. It looked like so much fun. Do keep me on the invite list for next time!

Kate Upton at Express Blogger event/Fashion Show on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

My blogger friend, Kim, of Northern California Style, is hosting a super stylish event at Trina Turk in Burlingame, California, on Thursday. If you are in the bay area, I encourage you to join them. Trina Turk is a long time favorite of mine here and I’ve collected several of her pieces over the years. Her colorful prints have such a fun California vibe. Kim will make this event extra special. Along with styling fun, there will also be some excellent discounts!

Trina Turk and Kim Wheeler Event in Burlingame

I was happy to catch a question on Instagram from my blogger friend, Sandy, at You May Be Wandering. She was visiting in San Francisco, with an unexpected afternoon to herself, and asked me for some suggestions on IG. Check out Sandy’s stylish city afternoon here.

Let’s connect on Instagram

If you live with daylight savings time, don’t forget to set your clock this weekend, we are springing forward. Despite the necessary boredom of getting our taxes prepared, I will be starting to pack for our upcoming vacation and checking out this list. Scott and I are headed to one of our favorite getaway spots, Los Cabos, Mexico. We were there this time last year in this post. Since that time Hurricane Odile hit the area, as a Category 3, and they are still repairing the damage. We look forward to returning and supporting Los Cabos, in their comeback, as well as enjoying some much needed relaxation.


Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Take my advice and take it easy as we ‘spring forward’. ;)


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Heather Lindstrom

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Heather, I’m so sorry to hear this about one of your students, and I’m sincerely glad she was saved. The wisteria in your garden is beautiful. I saw this flowering plant recently, and didn’t know the name of it until my dear blog friends all told me about it. I learn so much from you all.

love, ~Sheri


Hi Heather,
I love those flowers, seeing them in your room, isn’t it lovely that such a small thing can create such moments of true grace and appreciation. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t keep the appreciation and way of viewing things like this with me all the time, in my daily life? I think my mom had that ability. Anyway, looking forward to your Cabos adventure! I lost my job today, so I have more than a bit of time on my hands, will hope to do POSITIVE reflection on life in the next few days, and will be relying on my blog friends to slap me up the side of the head if new posts from me become too morose. xx Nancy


Oh Nancy, I am so very sorry to hear about your job. That is such a hard transition. I like your positive reflection idea. Hopefully this will lead to an even better situation down the road for you, but it’s hard in the ‘now’. When I’m going through a rough time, and having a hard time snapping out of it, I’ll let myself sulk, feel it, be mad, wallow-for like 30 minutes a day, and then try to move on. Usually a major spring cleaning (anytime of year) helps me refocus and feel productive and ‘cleansed’. Wishing you well in this next phase. I’ll send you some sunny vibes from Mexico.


Heather just catching up on your posts and you are so sweet to share this event. Thank you so much! It would be wonderful if you could be there as I can see you in so many of the clothes!! Well, I think Mexico sounds amazing and I hope it’s wonderful.

Thank you for reminding us about the fragility of life. It’s true we are rushing about and we all need to reflect and appreciate. You know I have been reminded of this lately with all that has been happening….I am so glad your student was saved. Sadly today Max couldn’t take the train as someone killed themselves on the track and shockingly this happens almost weekly on the peninsula. It reminds me of the struggles everyone is up against. Life is beautiful and I am trying hard to be there for others as well as savor each day I am given…

I am hoping you get a great break and a relaxing getaway. Looking forward to what I am sure will be a beautiful post from you. xo Kim


Oh Kim, This just brought tears to my eyes. You have been through so much with the sudden loss of your mom. Giving to others, and sharing support, is one of the best ways I was able to handle my grief when my dad died. You have such a big heart. I’m sorry to hear about the high suicide rate on the peninsula. It is essential for people to know there is hope and help-just a phone call away. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I will miss your big styling event at Trina Turk. I am so excited for you. Did you see that Trina Turk favorited my tweet about you and your styling event? Have a wonderful time girlfriend! xx


Oh my, Heather, your work is so stressful. I’m glad to hear a precious life was spared.
I hope you have a lovely time in Mexico… rest, rest, rest.

Love movie themed dinner parties. Great idea w/Les Miserable.


Thank you, dear Marcia. It is such a relief to know she is safe. Thank you for understanding. I think this is why a lifestyle blog is a good balance to my career. I promise to get some good r and r in Los Cabos. :)


Heartbreaking to hear of your student and her suicide attempt, and I’m very thankful that there were those who were there to save her. As mental health professionals, you and I know that suicide rates peak in late spring. Heather, it was very good that you listed those important contacts in your post. I am so glad that you were able to shift gears after a tough week, and spend family time connecting with your girls. What fun to do the French inspired theme. Les Miz is my all time favorite play. Enjoy this glorious spring weather, and have a little fun between doing those taxes! xx Karen


That means so much, Karen, thank you. I know you understand this fragility of life. So many of our students do struggle, especially in the spring time. In my last post I had a photograph of a green bridge over the river in Sacramento. It was green bridge, over the river in Oroville, where my student came so incredibly close to losing her life. It is always my greatest fear each school year. Test scores and grades really pale in comparison to keeping our students emotionally healthy and safe. In my 13 years of leading the ED team this was the closest call by far. It all puts life in perspective. On a positive note, the weather is just perfect here in Chico this weekend. I hope you are enjoying it where you are. I always love having your perspective in the mix here, Karen.


Getting a speeding ticket is always a bummer.

Canada also changes their clocks…FYI : )

I hope you enjoy your vacation.



Yes it is! I didn’t realize you could get pulled over for going with traffic on the freeway, but apparently we could all get pulled over…#deserved it. Happy Day Light Savings time in Canada! ;)


I love this time of year too and today we have blue skies over here and an unexpectedly warm day for March. Your wisteria is stunning and the lilies too. Les Miserables is a favourite show of mine with do many memorable songs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Thank you, Miss B! Those wisteria flanked us with an arch on our wedding day in a garden. Though we’ve moved to a different house (with a view instead of a huge garden-go figure!) I’m so happy to have some pretty shots of the them. Happy weekend!


Gotta love that wisteria. So sorry about your ticket! What a bummer! I’ve had my share of the darn things. What a blessing that that poor girl was saved! Have a great time in Mexico!!


Those wisteria plants were in pots for our garden wedding. We later planted them in our new backyard. They are so beautiful! We moved up the hill from that home in 2006 but I’m happy to still have some pics of the garden. Thanks for your kind words about my student. It is such a relief! Happy Sunday, Katie!


Dearest Heather! Good morning!

That photo of your wisteria, OH MY! We have a specially designed species of wisteria that was developed by the University of Minnesota that can take the cold – I’d sure love to have something like this in my garden! And yesterday, March 6, was our 33rd wedding anniversary and also the first day of WARMER temps for us! It’s smoother sailing for us from this point (no snow in sight!)

I just completed an on-line mental health course for my re-licensure and yesterday attended a great inservice on the subject. It was an eye-opener and yet another reminder how delicate all of our lives are, and to respect the needs of a student, colleague, or anyone else we come in contact with.

Life is fragile. Be careful on the road! I was rear-ended at a stop sign on a quiet, residential street. She did not bump into me, she CRASHED into me, and that leads me to believe she was texting or distracted somehow. I’m ok, but her car was really damaged.



Anita dear, So glad to hear you are safe following that rear-ender, that can be so dangerous. You and I are both on the front lines of supportng students and staff in all areas of need, including mental health. Continued training and inservicing is so important. Happy, happy anniversary to you and your wonderful husband! Wishing you some sunshine as you celebrate this weekend!
xx, Heather

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