Five Reasons to Visit the Beaches of Spain This Year

Five Reasons to Visit the Beaches of Spain This Year and Stylemindchic Life San Sebastian Spain, La Concha beach
Stylemindchic Life-San Sebastian, Spain 2014

Five Reasons to Visit the Beaches of Spain This Year

Golden sand, clear blue waters, warm sunshine. Everyone has an idea of their perfect beach, and Spain is one country that has beautiful beaches in abundance. Here are five reasons why you should visit, and fall in love, with the seas and sands of Spain this summer.

5 Reasons to Visit Spain This Summer on Stylemindchic Life and the golden beaches with a palapa

Secluded Coves

There’s a lot more to Spain’s coastline than busy beaches and high-rise developments. Take a short detour off the beaten path and you will find some of the most beautiful, unspoiled coves in Europe. You are guaranteed to be far away from crowds at Playa de los Genoveses in Almería, for example, a beautiful clam-shaped bay that can only be accessed by a dirt track.

Fuss-free Fun

On the weekends and during holidays, a day at the beach is a favorite activity for Spanish families. For this reason, most of Spain’s beaches are extremely family friendly, with plenty of sun beds, shades and pedalos to keep the whole family entertained. This is especially true of the beaches at some of Spain’s most popular resorts in Ibiza, Majorca and the Costas. Kids will love splashing in the sea while parents will be pleased to find plenty of child-friendly bars and restaurants for when the sun gets too much.

Five Reasons to Visit Spain This Year and Stylemindchic Life San Sebastian Spain, La Concha Beach view of the sea and urban chic beach from the promenade
Stylemindchic LIfe-La Concha Beach, San Sebastian, Spain 2014

Urban Chic

Some of Spain’s most vibrant cities are by the sea, making them ideal destinations for those looking for a holiday that combines sunbathing with a city break. Barcelona’s beach, for example, is a perfect place to join the fashionable set and see and be seen. La Concha at San Sebastian is widely thought to be the best urban beach in the whole of Europe – wander along the front and stop for authentic and delicious pintxos (tapas) and a cold beer at one of the bars.

Exhilarating Water sports

If you want to keep active while on holiday, there’s ample opportunity on Spain’s beaches. Costa Calma in Fuerteventura has always been a favorite with families, but in recent years it has earned a reputation as a super cool water sports destination too. The beaches are perfect for surfing and windsurfing, as well as being prime diving spots. If you are feeling really adventurous you might even think about giving kiteboarding a go!

Great Value Flights

We’ve noticed that getting to Spain has never been easier, or more affordable, thanks to a range of holiday companies and airlines offering both full packages and flight only options. You will find numerous airlines providing flights to Malaga, for example, at competitive prices. The summer does tend to be busiest, particularly July and August, so booking early is recommended.

With most of Spain’s beach destinations in close proximity to airports and resorts, there’s really no excuse. Get that bikini ready, pack your favorite book and whatever you do, don’t forget the sunscreen!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of one of my favorite places!

For more on Spain check out our summer travels to Sevilla, San Sebastian and Barcelona.

Where are you off to this summer?


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Of course I would agree with you Heather having lived in Spain for 15 years and married to a Spaniard ;-)
If anyone needs any tips of the really secluded beach hideaways away from the tourist trail, then can drop me an email xx


Hi Heather,
so funny, my husband is in europe right now on his belgian beer importing business. He mentioned he was meeting with a guy who also has breweries in Spain. So I told him to switch countries of import immediately!! Beaches in Spain would be the motivation needed to travel with him. Love this post. I really like hearing about the out-of-the-way spots. xx Nancy


I was just discussing with my husband where our next fun adventure should be. I think you just sparked a wonderful idea. Thanks for the post.


I’ve been so anxious to visit Spain!! The beaches look gorgeous!! I’m going to pop up and check on the cost of flights!
Have a great weekend!!\xoxo


We found Spain to be more affordable than France. Portugal had even better values. I do think visiting Portugal and Spain together was a good plan for us. You would LOVE Spain, Jen! xx


Ahhhh…#1 Reason…to be in Spain!!! Enjoy the long weekend, Heather!! xoxo


Oh…soooo very true, Sandy! Simply fabulous-I’m ready to go back! xx


Guess what? The girls will be going to Spain this summer, so your post comes at the perfect time. The last time Jess went she said it was soooo hot, but she had a wonderful time. The ‘secluded coves’ picture is gorgeous. Your pictures make me want to travel there myself, but at least I can see Spain with your lens, thank you. So much fun!

love, ~Sheri


What a fantastic summer they have ahead of them, Sheri! It’s a perfect way to celebrate a graduation, by the way. We so enjoyed our time in Spain last summer. If they are looking for ideas I have links to several posts I did on different stops along the way. It is such a gorgeous country! xx


Oh you’re talking my language here my friend! We’re going to Carmel soon and the water awaits us. What gorgeous beaches you share! Anita


More importantly where ARE YOU going this year!!!!!I have NEVER been to SPAIN……..think we need to change that!


Oh my dear, you would LOVE it!! Spain fits so perfectly with your zest for life way of living. Definitely add it to your bucket list!

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