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As a lover of beauty products I enjoy discovering new brands, especially when the brand has a philosophy that I believe in. Simple Beauty Minerals is that kind of a brand. Lisa Liguori is the owner and she has been in the cosmetics industry for over 30 years. Lisa figured out how to combine her passions for healthy living and safe cosmetics. The mineral makeup is handcrafted with soothing properties for the skin. The skincare line is mostly organic and healthy. Lisa’s desire is to inspire confidence in women and their simple beauty. You will never find a model that has been re-touched on the Simple Beauty website. I appreciate that Lisa has created a real line of products for real women.



I received a beautiful package of Simple Beauty products from Lisa wrapped in purple tissue and ribbons. I had selected the Lipstick in Shimmer Peach and the brow powder in Middle Earth. As a pleasant surprise Lisa included a bottle of Olive Oil Light Lotion, an organic product and a customer favorite.





I am very pleased with all three products that I received. The lotion is just the right consistency to be rich and moisturizing, at the tale end of a hot summer, and yet it absorbs quickly and easily. I would say it has a very mild fresh scent from the natural ingredients although I’m sure it’s unscented. The eyebrow powder is the lightest of the shades. I used my own small brush but realized, on my second application, that using an angled brush works best for eyebrows. The product goes on easily and stays on well through a busy day. Finally, the Shimmer Peach lipstick is a real hit with me. Rather than a shimmer I would say it has more of a luminous quality to it. It feels moisturizing on my lips (I don’t do well with a dry lipstick) and it’s just the right consistency to have some good staying power.

Lisa Liguori with her daughter Kasey

Simple Beauty Minerals Inspiring Confidence with pure minerals and love….

For beauty you feel inside and out.

Thank you for the lovely beauty products, Lisa.

I’ve enjoyed connecting with you and sharing your inspiring brand.

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I hope you are having a wonderful summer weekend.

I return to a new school year as a school psychologist on Monday,

but feeling grateful to have had these last seven weeks to enjoy my summer.

Are you still in summer mode?



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My Simple Beauty Minerals products were gifts to me. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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Heather Lindstrom

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I love hearing about natural products—I’m using less and less of the facial lotions and serums we buy in stores and mixing my own with good oils such as borage and calendula which calm and moisturize skin, with plant based moisturizers. Still, Western medicine is full of scientific research so we can’t ignore that.

You look awesome in the photos and I’m off to visit the website. Thank you pretty lady!

Jane xxx


and by the way, you are correct – there is no synthetic fragrance in the Olive Oil Lotion, nor in any of our products.


Thank you so very much, Heather, for sharing our brand with your readers. We are a small indie company and word of mouth is our best friend. I promise to personally care for everyone who comes our way with VIP status!


Thanks for sharing this line Heather. The more natural the better for me when it comes to products I use on my face and skin. I agree with Anita, you all have such a healthy glow. :)


That makes so much sense, Leslie. I love Lisa’s philosophy of building confidence in women through healthy beauty. Customer service is also a top priority for the brand and Lisa.
Have a great week!


I just love the natural glow and tint of what you are sharing here Heather! ALL OF YOU look fantastic! Natural looking cosmetic are the way to go!!!!!


Thanks Anita! I agree-the healthier the better for our bodies. :) xx

Love to hear from you!