Signature Style: The Little Black Dress [LBD]


Signature Style: The Little Black Dress [LBD]

There is nothing you can put on that is more effortless than a little black dress, at least in my book. Black adds instant sophistication, instant glamour, instant style as well as the instant slimming effect.

What’s not to love?

I have a collection of LBDs ranging from this dressy chiffon number I wore to my mother’s wedding, to simple black structured dresses for work to beach casual maxis that are effortless poolside or around the house.


If I were allowed only one item for my wardrobe on a deserted “fashion island” it would the classic little black dress. The beauty of the LBD is that you can dress it up or dress it down to suit your mood. The LBD never, ever goes out of style.



When concentrating on building a signature style, my advice is to consider your LBD options first.


Signature Style checklist:

Can you dress it up AND dress it down?

Is it comfortable and well-fitting?

Is it easy to travel with and launder?

Are the lines timeless rather than trendy?


I frequently travel in black and I often choose a black maxi or midi skirt for comfort. Personally, I would lengthen the top on these looks just a smidge these days, but the skirts are perfect for travel.



Despite spills or spots of a long travel day or two black never tells.





Check out the LBD Collection at StyleMindChic Boutique.


Are you a big fan of the little black dress like I am?

What are your favorite ways to wear this signature style?



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Heather Lindstrom

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Your shoes! ❤️

I’m a huge fan of the LBD. I have a few. I travel in head to toe black most days. It’s so forgiving of everything!

I totally agree, Jen! xx

Great advice on the essential LBD. I saw some gorgeous options here. Pretty sure this is my first visit to your blog…really like what I see!

Thanks for stopping by, Cindy! Wonderful to meet you here on StyleMindChic Life!

I don’t know what I would do without my closet full of LBD’s ranging from formal to super casual – they are my go to for every occasion! Have a wonderful weekend, Heather! xoxo

The perfect style–for any time, right? Thank you, Sandy! xx

The LBD is always my “go to” look. I love that you can dress it up or down for any occasion! Yours is stunning! Happy Wednesday!

Thanks so much! xx

Adore that number 2 image of a slight mid shirt and long black skirt… effortless! Nothing like a good black dress my friend!

You are so stylish, lady! xx

I’m a huge fan of the LBD. As the saying goes, “I’ll start wearing something else when they come up with a darker color”! I love your chiffon number. So pretty. And the shoes!!:)) I love those beauties. Have a fabulous week gorgeous.
xoxo Jennifer

Thank you my very stylish friend! xx

Heather, HELLO! I tried coming here earlier but was unable to find the place to write my comments ( I was on my phone, not my best platform from which to launch my writing!) – this black dress post is FABULOUS. I have about 10 little black dresses and I wear them ALL!!!!!!

Great collection and I LOVE YOURS! Have a super day and thank you so much for coming to my blog; we had such a great fashion fun photo shoot! Anita

The LBD is most definitely a signature statement for you, Anita! So beautiful with your hair and skin. xx

Oh, how I love the little black dress. Such a nice collection of images. Over the years my collection has grown. And from cocktail attire to ball gown black has always been my go-to. My favorite was the simple black dress that I wore with a huge black feather hat made by Mrs. Dewson (RIP), a former SF milliner. Oh..your post brings back fond memories!
Happy Sunday!

Your collection sounds amazing!! Love a little black dress! xx

You look lovely Heather!

Thank you, Courtney! There is power in a little black dress, right? Happy Sunday girlfriend!

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