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Off-the-Shoulder Fashion



I’m noticing off-the-shoulder styles absolutely everywhere this season.  I’m a long time fan of this look, and, rather than a trend, it’s more of a staple for me. There is something sexy, yet understated, about baring the upper shoulders and, in some cases, a bit of decolletage.

Whether you style this look in a creamy neutral palette, lace boho chic, vivid color or bold graphic print, off-the-shoulder styles play equally well. Some of my favorite ‘dressed to the nines’ looks include off-the-shoulder profiles. From casual to couture!



Maxi: Culture Phit Ayden, Shoes: Calvin Klein Niall,

Bangle: Trina Turk Palm Springs Block, Watch: Marc Jacobs

I’ve worn this black, off-the-shoulder maxi dress for years. It is a simple go-to for dressing up for a fancy dinner or a barefoot stroll on the beach in Los Cabos. The versatility is one of my favorite elements of this style. With coverage on your arms, it seems to keep you much more comfortable than a sleeveless style. I’m talking about the weather as well as any ‘arm issues’ that could arise.



How about you?

Do you wear off-the-shoulder styles?

Are they are a just a passing fancy or a staple in your wardrobe, like they are for me?




Heather Lindstrom

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I used to love off-the-shoulder tops when I was younger, Heather. Now, my shoulders aren’t as slender, so I don’t wear them. You look fantastic in this off-the-shoulder black outfit. I love that white bohemian looking one with the lace sleeves. It looks like something Jess could wear for her wedding festivities.

love, ~Sheri

Hello Beautiful Heather!
I love this look! Such a stylish and affordable maxi you have linked us to. Talk about a “core piece” to a “capsule wardrobe”! You look amaaaaaazing in it!
I am slowly getting back into the rhythm of blogging. Thank you for your chic shout out on the previous post! As I said . . . I purchased the black bag to replace a (Dooney) shape of crossbody that I donned for years . . . How . . . ev . . . er . . . I am digging the GREEN one. It holds just what I need. I will likely blog about it before long. Am I sensing that the change you spoke of on my blog today something to do with fashion and travel?
Always, thank you for visiting 34!
w / L

Lynne dear, You are so right about that maxi. I have worn it dressed up and dressed down for years. It’s one of those pieces that just seems to work! So happy that you are enjoying your Style*Mind*Chic Boutique purchases. That green is just the right size, I agree! You are such a supportive friend. Thank you!
Have a lovely day,
PS-Yes, many, many changes coming my way. More to share very soon! ;) x

You look GORGEOUS Heather. I LOVE your dress and have just clicked the link to see if they send to the UK. I had no idea you could buy clothes via Zappos.
Back to off the shoulder, I used to wear a lot when I lived in Spain. But in the UK you always know you are going to need to pull some kind of jacket/pashmina over you at some point during the day. So I always avoid off-the-shoulder in the UK. But maybe I should be braver and give it a try.

Thanks so much, Vannessa! Are we going to be in Italy at the same time this summer, by any chance?? xx

Love the looks of all your choices, Heather. Have a great week!

Thanks Katie! Perhaps a fun look for a little travel this summer, right? ;)
Where are you off to this year?

It’s not a look I’ve tried, but think I will this summer as it’s everywhere! Very pretty choices.

I think you, the bride to be, should definitely try a few of these fun summer looks. ;)
I’m excited for you, Jen!

I do look the look. Your dress looks fabulous on you! I haven’t worn the style for years. It must be time to give it another go. Have a great week!!
xoxo Jennifer

I think this look would be fantastic on you, Jen. You seem to be able to pull off just about anything fashion wise! ;)

Hello beautiful! I really love off the shoulder fashion! Enjoying your end of the school year days? I AM! I hope you and Scott enjoy many weeks of bliss and travel, and fun in the sun, off the shoulder style! Anita

I can imagine this style looks beautiful on you, Anita. Perhaps one of your upcoming posts will feature YOU as the style muse. Wouldn’t that be fun to see? Yes, I’m definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the school year. Several busy, busy weeks and then summertime. Can hardly wait! xx

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