Signature Style: Block Heeled Sandals

Signature Style:

Block Heeled Sandals


Call them a perfect blend of style and comfort and I’ll call it a signature style.  I’m spotting block heeled sandals all over this summer and I’m loving the look. My pregnant step-daughter, Briana, showed up at dinner with a stylish pair of black block-heeled sandals last week and reported that they are a comfortable way to wear heels, even when pregnant. Talk about walking on solid ground in style!

Block heels are significantly more comfortable than the stilettos I’ve almost completely given up on, finally, at age 55….. Sigh!  I have to admit that years of rocking medium to high heels, on a regular basis, have taken a toll. I now reserve the higher heels for a dressy event or special date night, otherwise, I’ll reach for the block heel or stylish flat anytime. I also find the block heels to be more balanced and sturdy than flirting with the delicate kitten heel, while usually lower, but can often feel unbalanced.

Block heels are my new favorite for summer. You will definitely see some chunky heels popping up on my Instagram page for upcoming travel.

This gallery features some of my favorites looks. I especially like the ankle strap numbers. Nude shoes ALWAYS elongate the leg which is a plus in my style book. Are you a fan of the block heel style? Has your shoe style changed recently like mine has?

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Heather Lindstrom

Signature Style: Block Heels

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If I wear heels, they will be block heels. (I like to be able to move, including fast and over all kinds of surfaces if necessary) This is not a change for me, as I learned to love block heels when they were the rage all over Europe and I was cabin crew on international flights. We were required to wear heels of at least a given height whenever in uniform, unless we were onboard and the aircraft doors were closed, in which case we were allowed to wear a slightly-lower heel. There was no way for our feet to survive our long-haul flights unless we had the stability and relative comfort of block heels. (Still, gaining the right to wear lower heels, even lace-up shoes, onboard was a high priority in our collective bargaining.)


That is such an interesting bit of fashion/aviation history, Leslie. I can onlyl imagine what adventures you had traveling the world in the airline industry. Block heels must have been a total lifesaver back in the day. I’m loving the extra comfort and support I’m receiving from my latest pair. Thanks for sharing!


Block heels are IT!!! Love them!!!


Hi Shelly! Happy long weekend, lovely friend! You are so stylish–of course you do! ;) Me too! Thanks so much for stopping by. xx

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