San Diego Getaway (Mixing Work & Play!)


San Diego Getaway Mission Bay and sailboats at Bahia Resort

The first time I visited San Diego, as a teenager, I felt like I had arrived in a tropical paradise. The waters were shimmery and foliage was lush with palm trees waving in the soft breezes. I hadn’t been to San Diego in years, so when a professional conference Scott and I were planning to attend was scheduled in town, we jumped at the chance. The Bahia Resort, the first beachfront hotel built on Mission Bay, has a mid-century modern vibe with a mediterranean twist. Interiors have been updated over the years and, thankfully, they have left the retro exterior in the original form.

San Diego Getaway at Bahia Resort and mod resort architecture

I enjoyed strolling around the property with my camera. I’ve always found this style of architecture intriguing. This design seems to offer more privacy and a unique perspective to these retro spaces. It’s especially cool when the view is a beachfront.

San Diego Getaway to Bahia Resort and a beachfront suite

Our suite was nicely equipped with a kitchen, dining table, separate bedroom area (with luxury linens) and that beachfront patio.


San Diego Getaway and the beachfront lounge and suites Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Life

This is definitely a good way to decompress after a day of trainings on how to handle trauma in schools (follow-up note: I returned to work the following Monday morning to 2 full days of grief counseling at a local High School here.  Unfortunately the timing on this training was perfect.

San Diego Getaway to James' Place La Jolla the colorful and delicious sushi spot

My sister, Dorie, and her guy, Michael, joined us in San Diego for a couple of evenings. They took us to one of their favorite spots, James’ Place in La Jolla, for sushi. Our evening with famed sushi chef “Big Mike” as our sushi whisperer was an unforgettable foodie experience, just as they promised. Our thanks Big Mike!

San Diego Getaway and a night out at James' Place in La Jolla for amazing sushi


San Diego Getaway Stylemindchic Life and lounge on the beach

Another day of meetings, with a break beach-side….this is the life!

San Diego Getaway and wine on the patio at Bahia Resort Stylemindchic Life Heather Lindstrom and Dorie Swanson

Time for a beach side happy hour at the suite…


Heather Orr Lindstrom and Scott Lindstrom San Diego

and toasting to the pleasant combination of work and play in San Diego with my guy.

San Diego Getaway and a night on the town Dorie Swanson Broadway Botanicals and Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Life

For our last night in San Diego we dined at the famed Croce’s Park West, with live music, and ended the evening with a walk and poolside lounge at the stylish Hilton Bayfront.

When the sistas get together there is endless fun…at least we think so!

San Diego Getaway on Stylemindchic Life to the Bahia Resort San Diego Beach front suites

Love this view!

San Diego Getaway and SUP in Mission Bay on Stylemindchic Life

Healthy, active lifestyle options, like beach cruiser biking on the beach path and watersports, abound in San Diego. I’ve always wanted to try SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) which is super popular on Mission Bay. Though I didn’t have time to try it on this trip, it’s definitely on my list for our tropical getaway this summer. #splash ;)


San Diego Getaway and Instagram shots from Stylemindchic Life with beach scenes

A few fun photos I snapped on Instagram.

San Diego is notoriously photogenic.

San Diego Getaway and a beach bbq with family Heather Lindstrom of Stylemindchic Life
We made a quick stop in Newport Beach to visit family and enjoyed dinner on the beach together

My birth family

The Bahia Resort has a sister property, the Catamaran, just across the bay. The Bahia Belle is a Mississippi style sternwheeler that cruises between the two resorts offering music, cocktails and dancing. It’s free for guests staying at the resort.  If you are looking for a beachy getaway in California, for couples or for families, I highly recommend Bahia Resort. To book this getaway Bahia Resort Hotel and for other recommendations in San Diego: Find the best deals on hotels in San Diego, California at TripAdvisor.


Stylemindchic Lifestyle Logo

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What’s next on your travel bucket list?


 Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature
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Our stay was generously upgraded to a beachfront suite by Bahia Resort

Stylemindchic Boutique

Summer Style Collection at Stylemindchic Boutique

Heather Lindstrom

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Heather I adore San Diego and lived there thirteen years!! I am so glad you had a great getaway, there is nothing better than the ocean and beach to rejuvenate!

The Arts by Karena


How fun Karena! I’ve never lived close to the beach like this but hope to someday. I totally agree! xx


How I love that photo of the sailboat….AHHHHHHHHHH! And yes, Carmel is MONDAY! YES! I can’t contain myself.

Dear, dear Heather! I am back. And once a month I can swing. Next year, I’ll be teaching yet another different grade at another different middle school AND still teaching at the high school. Talk about a learning curve! But I need to stay in the blogging community as a contributor. It’s the one commitment that is a joy.

Wishing you a fun weekend! I will stay connected via my computer. Can’t leave home without it! Anita


Heather, when we lived in So Cal, we went to San Diego often. Isn’t it beautiful? And their old town is filled with fun and laughter and interesting things. Great pictures of you and your sister. You look very much alike, don’t you think? The pictures of the views are gorgeous. I’ll never forget our visit in old town when we were all together, and along side the booths and shopping there was a man sitting on the edge of the street playing his guitar. As soon as we passed by, he started to sing “what a wonderful world,” my favorite song. San Diego holds special memories for me……. thank you, Heather, for letting me see it once again with your fantastic pictures.

love, ~Sheri


I missed you by a week! Although Bahia looks a bit more resort like than the giant Marriott I stayed at this trip. Would you believe it was cold and rainy for much of my time there. At least it cleared for my son’s graduation. You look fabulous…thanks for sharing your trip with us! xoxo


It looks like just what the doctor ordered! Beautiful place, beautiful pictures and I just love seeing you wiht your gorgeous sister!!
I feel the need for a warm trip just about now!
Very fun my friend!


This looks like the perfect spot to combine work and play and a great place to relax after a day of training. We met some people on holiday a while ago from San Diego and they said that they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It certainly seemed to have a lot to offer. I’m so behind with my blogging but I’m enjoying following along on Instagram.


I’m feeling the same way, Miss B! I need a major catch up on my favorite blogs-it’s coming! Once I make it through this week at work I will be home free! I do think you would enjoy San Diego-at least to visit…


I love San Diego too Heather. And thanks to you I now know about a great sushi place. We love our sushi in this house. And how fun to be able to have some sister time too. Now that I know about your sister’s shop I’ll have to visit it. I’m unbelievably close.


The sushi spot is on the edge of campus in La Jolla. Big Mike was absolutely amazing (tell him Dorie and Michael sent you;)! Dorie has done some amazing outdoor installations recently. Could be great inspiration for your landscape project, Leslie. She also has a new Houzz site-fun!


Ahhhhh……the beach. I’m almost there….one week from today, I’ll be in the air toward Carmel. YAHOOOO!


You are done?? So exciting, Anita! The count down is on! Be sure to hit Casanova-my favorite! xx


you girls are so cute! I have never been to san diego but would love to go my next trip to that part of the world! x


Thanks Naomi! We are full birth sisters who met 19 years ago. It seems we are still catching up on the fun;. You would love San Diego. I think a California trip must be in your future, Naomi! xx


What a great little getaway combined with work.

So fun you were able to get together with your sister.

The spot really looks beautiful.



Can you believe the conference was held in this spot? The best! You would love San Diego, Suzanne!

Love to hear from you!