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The Fine Art of the Romantic Gesture [It Doesn’t Cost a Thing!]


Nothing like my husband being gone the weekend before Valentine’s Day to make me feel nostalgic and sentimental. I’ve been in a mood to clear the clutter and organize this winter, so I dug into boxes of old photographs and cards this weekend for a stroll down memory lane.

I was reminded of the fine art of the romantic gesture; it costs absolutely nothing (or nearly nothing if you buy a card). This is a good one. Nearly 20 years from when we first met, this romantic gesture still fans the flame around our house. The first year I started this blog I somehow got Scott to agree to share his perspective on how to make your love interest swoon.


These are just a few of my vast collection of romantic cards, and notes, from my guy. They are still the first thing I would grab in a fire, so I’ve now taken to capturing a few of them on my camera for safe-keeping.

I would share the notes, but perhaps it’s best to keep some things private–even for a lifestyle blogger. ;)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m remembering this delicious dinner at home last year with Bacio Catering.

If you are looking for a swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day dinner in the Chico area, Bacio Catering and Carryout has the most delicious menu for a romantic Valentine’s Dinner at home.

Check out the menu for this Valentine’s Day:


You can still order for Valentine’s Day here!


Wishing you a wonderful week!


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  1. anitapelayorivera
    | Reply

    Heather, I’m having a hard time finding your comments page! Just wanted to come by to say “HELLO!”

  2. dreamson34thstreet
    | Reply

    Good morning, Heather!

    Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful comment on my recent blog post. I always cherish your words.

    I am officially a “golden” girl. (I applied for Medicare part A, yesterday.) Mr D sent me four dozen roses at the clinic. Timed perfectly for my mixed emotional day re: aging. I look forward to leaving the clinic and focusing on making a small income to supplement my S.S. check, by doing something that I love to do.

    You and Scott are precious in love. It’s contagious!


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