Real Life: Fire + Up in Smoke! 



Yesterday was a typical morning at our house. I was up way before dawn, but even in my bleary state, I jumped out of bed to take in the predawn views.


fire 1


I never cease to revel in the view from our home. Scott and I agree how fortunate we are to have this and our pact is never to take it for granted. I listened to the chirping birds, watched the family of deer pass by and smelled the sweet star jasmine.  It was a perfect spring morning. I wondered if I should close all the high windows, in case of heat, but decided against it.

I would later regret that decision.


This was the first sign of trouble as I drove up our street after work. I saw a group of firefighters on the side of the road and thanked them for saving our homes from a fire back in 2008. I had been home that day and it was terrifying. I assumed this was a small brush fire down the street this time.  As I drove up higher to our home my heart was racing. I saw more fire equipment but couldn’t see how much had burned until I parked and ran into the house, with my heart racing.


 The smell of smoke was overpowering as I opened the door to our house,

and saw this.



Up in smoke!




The fire burned all the way up to our pool.

Shocked, stunned…

and yet feeling very fortunate. Our home and our cat, Jack, were intact. I called Scott, in a panic, to come home.




But really, there wasn’t much to be done. Scott had worked several weekends to clear out defensible space behind our property line and that is an essential piece to fire safety.



Bill Husa – image Chico ER

We saw this series of images on the news and on twitter last night. This one shot from between our house and the neighbors.


Thank you brave firefighters and neighbors!

This is our home on the left.

This is what I was doing during the fire here 8 years ago. Scary!!


Image: Bill Husa Chico ER

Thank you isn’t really enough…

Our house is saved! No structures were damaged but the fire burned to the foundation of our neighbor’s home.



The firefighters (distance) worked the hot spots for hours. We are so grateful.



What a difference 8 hours can make. We are exhausted today. After a stuffy night with smoke inside and outdoors, we awoke to fresh air and the scent of our star jasmine again wafting in my (thankfully) open window. Signs of spring are coming back, but I’m afraid we will be living with a charred landscape for months.


This is a clip from Action News.


Thank you for the kind words on Facebook, text and email last night.

It is so good to know that friends and colleagues care so much!



Heather Lindstrom

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It is so shocking to read the details of this Heather, especially how you must of felt as you got closer to your house realizing this was a serious fire. I’m so sorry this happened and so happy your home was okay. Do they know how it started? So scary and I’m sure you’ll appreciate your beautiful yard and pool more than ever this summer.


You are so kind, Dale. It was certainly a shock to discover that our entire view was burned out. We are so lucky they were able to save all the homes. Those firefighters are amazing! Apparently a neighbor way down the street had something like welding or weed-eating going on during a hot, windy day. So preventable! At least we are safe from additional fires this summer. xx

Do you know how this fire started? I’m sorry you had to go through this but very glad that you three are safe and unharmed.

How frightening! A job well done to Scott for his efforts towards fire prevention. I am happy to hear that your Star Jasmine is clearing the air.

What a reminder of how important it is to appreciate every day, and not take a home … a view … a husband for granted. Thank god you are both safe. And thank god for brave firefighters. Hugs and love to you, my friend.

Oh no Heather, I can’t image how tramatic this is! Even though your house was undamaged the terror of how close it came would be so upsetting. I’m so sorry my friend. Sending calming love your way xoxo

Oh my goodness, Heather…this is SO scary!! I am so thankful your home was spared, but how awful for your neighbors. Thinking of all of you and sending hugs…xoxo

Very sad news Heather. I’m sending prayers to you and your community. Grateful you and Scott and Jack are safe. Many caring thoughts going your way. Xx Karen

I’m so appreciative of your kind words and prayers today, Karen. Thank you for your support. My peaceful view is GONE, but we are safe and sound. We do feel very fortunate that our home was spared–including Jack ;).

So, so sorry that you had to go through this. I would have panicked for sure. I’m grateful all of you are fine physically. Sending love and good karma. Stay safe.


Thank you, darling Jane! We are well–just missing the pretty view from here this weekend. :) xx

Oh Heather what a scary thing to happen —so very close to your home. My heart always aches for the people and the wildlife that are affected by wild fires. Thanks god your home is safe. I’ll say a little prayer for all your neighbors and the beautiful deer in your area.

I lived through a much larger fire that ended just a small distance out from our house 8 years ago. It was terrifying! With the planes and helicopters up on the ridge it felt like a war zone. I missed out on this one, but it was a shock to walk into the house and see the devastation. :( That view means so much to us.
Wish me luck on the 2 parties we have coming up in the next couple of weeks…;) xx

HEATHER! OH MY GOODNESS! Everything, everyone, are you OK????? Up in northern Minnesota, we had the same problem; last weekend, the entire Twin Cites skies were gray and smokey, due to those fires AND those in ALberta Canada….my friend, is everything OK? ANita

We are okay, Anita! Yes, safe and sound. Just missing the peacefulness of our previously gorgeous view. At least we don’t have to worry about a fire during the hot summer months.

oh Heather, I thought about you when I heard on the news where the fire was. Thank God Scott had worked (and was able!!) those weekends to clear debris from around your home. I had no idea it was so close and that was so scary!! Firefighters are HEROS!!!

They are HEROS!! Absolutely!! Thanks, Val. I figured you would recognize the street we live on. Thank you, my friend! xx

Glad you are safe and sound. Fire is so powerful. xo

As we hear from the news in Canada, right? So scary. Thanks for the kind words, Jen.

I am so sorry about this but I have to say I am so grateful for your safety and the safety of your property-

Courtney-thanks so much, girlfriend! xx

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