Postcard from Costa Rica

Hola from Costa Rica!

After rerouting our flights due to the blizzard in the Northeast, we arrived a day earlier than originally planned and enjoyed the easiest customs experience ever. So far this trip has been easy, breezy and exactly what we were looking for.

Costa Rica is all about enjoying the natural beauty, engaging with friendly locals and living “pura vida” – which means living pure life.

It’s Day 3 of our time in Costa Rica and I’m already coming to appreciate the peaceful, simple life and the concept of pura vida.

I just wanted to pop in with a postcard. Below are a few of our Instagram pics of this beautiful place. Feel free to follow along.

Wishing you pura vida from Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica!


Heather Lindstrom

Costa Rica Style

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Hello Heather, what a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. The waters are such a pretty blue-green color. You and Scott look like you’re having the time of your life. It is a place that my family has always wanted to visit. So sorry I haven’t come by lately, as when I do, your blog always freezes up on me, and so difficult to comment, but I think about you often, and hope you’re enjoying these lovely days of March. This is such a cute picture of you and Scott, so happy enjoying your visit in Costa Rica.

love, ~Sheri


Hi Sheri,
I always love it when you stop by! Costa Rica was beautiful. We had the best time. Loved all the natural beauty in Papagayo and were spoiled at Secrets Resort, as usual. I’m so sorry about the issue with comments. Some of my other blog friends from blogspot have also had trouble. We worked on the issue with WP but they have not found the problem. I’m so happy it worked this time for you to stop in and say hello!
xx, Heather

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