Wine Country Getaway and CRUSH!


Scott and I are heading over to wine country for the weekend, so this morning I’m in packing mode. It’s finally feeling like fall here in Northern California and there may even be rain in the forecast. Let it rain! I’m so happy to be getting away with my husband, for a belated anniversary celebration, and meeting up with some dear friends this weekend. The bonus is that wine country, an old haunt of mine, is one of my favorite places to be and it’s crush season at the wineries. Wine country is a combination of rustic and luxe in my mind. The wine cultural, agricultural elements and vineyard views bring out the rustic beauty. World class dining and hotels bring a luxurious feel to wine country. Sonoma and Napa Valleys are a perfect combination of both. Have you ever visited? If not, I definitely recommend you put this wine country on your ‘must see’ list.

As far as packing for a rustic luxe getaway, I’m thinking warm, comfy items for day. Layers are essential as the weather can change on a dime. I have a faux fur vest that I think will be a great choice for layering, with skinny jeans, and my new Vince Camuto booties. I slipped these babies on and it was love at first sight. I’m liking just about everything from Vince Camuto this season.Vince Camuto Harlen (Black) Women's BootsFor dinner we have reservations at a new hot spot so I plan to dress things up just a bit. Some statement jewelry, an illusion black blouse, a bit sexy, and a pair of heels may just do the trick. Along with the day time wear, I always like to pack a travel candle for our hotel room and something silky for night-time. A picnic basket, for a spontaneous vineyard picnic is a must, but with the potential of rain on the way I will also take a trench coat and umbrella. Finally, to keep my hands free for tasting and comfort, I’m packing a cross body bag and not my typical structured over the shoulder number. I think I’ll put in a fun clutch for dinner. For more on Wine Country see my Wine Country Getaway Napa StyleGetaway Guide Napa Valley and Getaway Sonoma/Glen Ellen.

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I’m off to put the final touches on my packing.

What are you up to this weekend?

Enjoy this lovely weather wherever you are headed.

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What a lovely selection of items to bring. I adore wine country but have never been there during the crush season. How fun!


Heather I love your jewelry! It’s so fun to see what you’re planning to wear, looks like we have similar styles. I love your taste and all that classic black and taupe. I’m still getting used to the warm sunny weather down here in SoCal, I have to remind myself that it’s almost Halloween. Not quite the nippy weather I’m so used to in Sacramento. Have a great time!


Lovely line-up. I always love how you do neutral and color so beautifully. Hope you’re well!


We are across the country, but you make me want to head to Wine Country for a romantic getaway! Packing for a trip like this is always so much fun – especially if you have new things, like your boots. Packing jewelry is a blog in itself…at least for me!!! “Maybe I’ll need this, or this…and what about THESE earrings?”…..etc etc
Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to plan a weekend getaway. It is past due……
Faded Velvet


A wine country getaway would be so fun! Yes, living in California, I’ve been to Napa, and have a friend who lives there. Although, I haven’t been to Sonoma yet. Your jewelry collection is dazzling, and I’ll have to check it out before I leave. Don’t ya just love the rain that we’re having off and on lately? I love your black boots, Heather. Just my style.



I’ve been following your fun weekend on Instagram!! Very fun and you look stunning my friend! My weekend is uneventful and not nearly as interesting as yours. I’m enjoying vicariously through you.


Thank you Jennifer. I was loving your whole fabulous trip to Southern Cal last weekend. You hit some of my favorite places. Here’s to vicarious travel, it’s twice the fun! ;) xx


Hello there Heather! I love your jewelry collection here…I LOVE ICE!!!!! Diamonds, give ’em to me! And your ensembles here are lovely. I so enjoyed your last post about your new regimen, and I bet you are doing so well!

Enjoy a lovely weekend my friend, Anita


Isn’t ‘ICE’ just fun? I think it sets the perfect tone for a little holiday sparkle. Thank you darling friend. We had a ball!! Just back and settling in to return to ‘real life’. Have a wonderful week! xx


Love Northern California, in fact, the entire Pacific NW, and Sonoma is one of my favs too. Not so much for Napa, too barren for me. Wonderfully curated wardrobe, just the kind I would choose because, as most people know, girls from Texas love to dress.
No matter where we are! xx’s


I love that about the Texas ladies, Marsha! I’m glad you liked you packing collection. Rather to over do it than under do it in my book. Love it when you stop by! xx

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