Packing Tips: A 7 Day Tropical Getaway

Packing Tips: 7 Day Resort Vacation
Packing Tips for a 7 Day Resort Vacation

Packing Tips: Beachy Vacation by heather-orr-lindstrom

Resort Wear for a 7 Day Getaway

I am a chronic over packer. Is there such thing as an ‘over’ over packer? I continue to work on refining my packing style with the whole less is more approach. In preparing to pack for our recent trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, I spent some time creating a packing board on the website Polyvore. My goal was to create some outfit ideas, similar to my own pieces, before I started overloading my suitcase. This is what I came up with as my packing scheme.  I found this pre-planning visual to be a helpful tool and I do think it saved me from over packing this trip.
In packing for a seven day getaway, especially at a resort where poolside lounging is the focus, less really is more.  For my basic travel wardrobe I mixed neutrals, patterns and pops of color, for cohesive looks that I could easily mix and match.  My essentials for a beachy or resort vacation are maxi dresses/skirts, caftans and halter dresses which can be worn poolside or glammed up with a gold sandal and jewelry for a special dinner. Winter and early spring travel is milder in temperature so layering for a cool evening is a must. A scarf or pashmina can serve as a shoulder wrap in the evening. I was also glad I took a light sweater for chilly mornings and evenings.


I prefer halter style one piece swimsuits (it’s a good decision-believe me;) and though I took 3 pretty suits this trip I only ended up wearing only 2.  A sarong is go to for resort wear around the pool. I love the bright colors in this sarong I found in San Jose del Cabo this trip.

Depending on the type of resort heels may actually be appropriate for a dressy dinner. I ended up taking only one pair of heels and a pair of wedges and that worked perfectly for all my needs. I purchased a pair of Michael Kors thongs, with cork soles, and wore them almost constantly poolside and around the resort. The cork was super cushy and comfortable.


(always sad to leave a resort vacation behind-even with a tan)MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set MK Jelly (Optic White Pvc) Women's Sandals
I bought a similar pair in bronze but they also look chic in white.
I always make it a point to get a pedicure just before a vacation and in the winter I was in desperate need. I was wondering what type of polish would suit my pale winter skin and look pretty as my skin gained some color. I was very happy with one of my favorite shades from Deborah Lippmann ‘Glamorous Life’ and it made the transition between skin shades beautifully.
Deborah Lippmann - Nail Polish (Glamourous Life) - Beauty
My final tip for a getaway applies to every time you get on an airplane. As we settled into our seats  for our trip home I heard the person in front of us hacking, coughing and sneezing. I was unhappy when I realized I had packed my pashmina in my suitcase. Though I use it for a wrap, a pillow, and staying warm on a plane, I am not opposed to masking my mouth and nose with it when sitting near someone who is sick on the plane.  I confess I’m a germa-phobe but since I work in school sites I pretty much need to be.  In the end Scott and I both ended up getting sick after we got home. I ended up catching a pretty serious flu bug and have not left the house for almost a week. UGH!

My main companion all week.



I was grateful for a stack of magazines and Sex and the City reruns on TV though I mostly slept. I eat fresh and healthy, try to get my sleep (when hot flashes allow), take my vitamins, get some exercise and wash hands/use my hand sanitizer faithfully but I still got sick. My girlfriends have recommended probiotics and I think I should give those a try.  My mom swears by taking an antacid and coating the inside of your nose with vaseline (applied with a q-tip) when traveling on a plane to protect from those nasty recirculated air bugs. It’s a funny visual but there may be something to it.

I’m finishing this just in time to pop the cork and watch the Oscars.

#it’s my superbowl!

Do you have any tips for staying well this season?
Please share with those of us who haven’t been so lucky….
cough, cough!


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Heather Lindstrom

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I tend to overpack too (too many shoes usually!) even though I try to start with a capsule wardobe with mix and match pieces. Your packing board looks fabulous and I agree that pashminas are essential and versatile too. I’m sorry to hear that you have not been well. This is the worst part of travelling for me as I so regularly catch a cold on planes. I wish I could find a solution and will try the Vaseline idea.


On a plane, I mean…


Oh my gosh, your packing is like a candy shop, love those greens and purples together. I am about to pack for a ski trip on a place with only carry on – I know!


So sorry you and your husband got sick after your vacation. I am dealing with a bug myself with clogged ears, feeling awful, etc. I love those gold sandals and your pretty painted nails. You had such a cute selection of clothes for your trip – I love the bright orange blouse. That’s too bad that you were right behind a cougher when flying home. It is so sweet of Jack to comfort you all week. Our pets soon become part of the family.

Take care of yourself, Heather. I hope you’re feeling better. These bugs can last for such a long time.



Oh I would love to lounge around wearing that green kaftan…xo Caroline


Your mum is right about coating your nose! All the flight attendants do that!! I always just say – keys passport creditcards and the rest is sortable! xx


Heather love these ideas for a resort trip! I am going to pin them on my Travel Style Pinboard. Just looking at your beautiful clothes makes me want a holiday! Great idea about the cork flat thongs. I have found a dressy pair of flip-flops, to be the single thing I wear most.

I so am with you about germs. I carry a huge pashmina thing and I don’t care if I look ridiculous, I’ll wrap it around my head!! I swear by probiotics. They have kept us healthy through all those family vacations faraway…

Take care Heather. Hope you are better now. Glad you had handsome Jack to snuggle with.

xo Kim
p.s. I wore my beautiful cuff on Saturday night and got so many compliments! I told everyone about your boutique. :)


p.s. The Glamorous Life looks perfect for that trip!! Love it.


Dear Heather,
Terrific ideas for packing. I’m heading to Mexico soon and these will come in very handy. I take sanitizing wipes with me and wipe down the seat back in front of me, the tray toggle and table, the arms rests and anything else I can reach. I always turn off the air above me and pray for a healthy arrival. I’m a serious germaphobe too!!
I certainly hope you are feeling better very soon. xoJennifer


PS. I love Jack. So cute.


I love what you have picked, Heather. I also love your Michael Kors shoes. I hope you are well.


I hope you feel better soon…it stinks being sick! I am happy you had a nice vacation, though…I love the packing tips! xoxo


I’m the queen of over packing! Great idea to play around on Polyvore before the trip! Sure hope you feel better soon. OXOX


Okay my dear how about packing trips for London to Monaco?? That I need help with!! although I wish i was going someplace warm to wear the goodies you put out here!!


Ugh. Huge pet peeve of mine on a plane. Sitting beside the person coughing up a lung. I shudder just thinking about it.

I have yet to find a solution. My husband travels non-stop, but he often gets sick too and he is always in first class.

The only solution I think is to wear a gas mask. LOL with your own oxygen supply. Even wearing a surgical mask isn’t good enough.

That trick about the vaseline sounds interesting.


Love to hear from you!