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A little inspiration from my home office today. Launching a redesign of Style*Mind*Chic Life website this week and sweet touches, like these roses from Valentine’s Day, make all the office time more enjoyable. #roses #homeoffice #flowersathome #homedesign #instagood


Happy March to you! We are loving the sunny, breezy, spring-like weather in Northern California. I hope you are finding some sunshine where you are this week. This is a peek out my office window. Thankfully it’s beautiful out since I have been spending lots of time in my office this week.

It’s always fun to check in with you in real time. I’m excited to introduce you to my newly updated Style*Mind*Chic Life website! It’s been busy behind the scenes and it feels good to refresh and update — a bit of spring cleaning for the website.  As all bloggers know, websites can be glitchy sometimes.  At one point all the comments from my blog were showing up as emails rather than on the blog posts themselves. Thank you for the comments, and emails, by the way!

It looks like spring out my home office window today! The acacia tree is blooming and the field is super green after the rains (+ that fire in May). The sky is as blue as can be. It’s been a soggy winter and we’re enjoying the sunshine in Chico today. ☀️#chicoca #feelslikespring #view #homeoffice #instagood #sunshine

We are still working out a few kinks behind the scenes, but I hope you enjoy the fresh, new format. Look for more travel and lifestyle posts and an expanded CURATED TRAVEL SERVICES section in the coming months. The comment section is at the bottom of the post. It should be working correctly now. I have a new Shop The Look Section with some fun pieces based on the theme of the posts.

As for local news, cheers to the safe repairs for our local, and newly internationally famous, Oroville dam. It’s an understatement to say there were several days and nights of deep concern over the failure of the dam for us here in Butte County. I still cannot believe how quickly 188,000 locals were evacuated within a few hours. Before my retirement last July, I worked in Oroville, in an office in the path of that dam, for almost 16 years. I was always worried about an earthquake taking it out. I’m so relieved for friends, colleagues, students and their families that continue to live and work in nearby Oroville. The dam is being repaired and we are all breathing easier around here these days.

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 Welcome to the new Style*Mind*Chic Life!

I love it when you stop by!

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Heather your blog is looking so lovely I really like the vibe here. And I admire your tech skills I’ve been so bad about updating my own blog, it’s on my list of things to do. I was following the Oroville dam drama and so worried for all the folks up there. I didn’t realize you worked in Orville for awhile. Amazing that structural problems existed like that. So glad it’s been taken care of now.


Thanks so much, Leslie! I worked in Oroville for 16 years. I’m so grateful that everyone is safe! xx


Hi Heather,
I am glad to see how wonderful you are doing in this new phase of your life. Your site is beautiful, and I always enjoy seeing your tweets and posts come in. That sense of enjoying life fully always comes through in your writing. Take care. xx Nancy


I always love hearing from you, Nancy. Thanks for the kind words! I know we both share a sense of embarking on new chapters this year. How are things in up your way? Thanks for the blog love, dear Nancy! xx


Happy Friday, Heather!! I am so happy everyone in Oroville is safe – I did not know you lived so nearby! Have a lovely weekend, my dear! xoxo


We are only about 20 miles from Oroville, my work headquarters for the last 16 years–until now. Definitely a big sigh of relief now that repairs are being made successfully! Have a wonderful weekend, Sandy!


Love the easy navigation on this site! And the fresh look!!


Thanks, Nicole!! I always love it when you stop by! xx


Love the new site!


Thanks so much, my beautiful newlywed friend! Your photos were exquisite! xx

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