c3ea6eb5e9abeb111105abdc8c339922After donating my leather pumps, a chic little handbag and a stylish suit in this color, several years ago, this shade suddenly seems fresh again. I’m talking about the color navy blue. The one dress I bought on my recent trip to Paris was, you guessed it, a chic shade of navy blue. It felt so right for Paris and for fall in California.



While traveling in Riviera Maya a year ago, I noticed that the accent woodwork and ceiling beams in our suite were painted a rich navy blue. It had the same bold impact as black, but the blue tones brought a lighter feel yet added some richness to the space. I thought it was a brilliant choice for the woodwork at this beachfront resort, Zoetry Paraiso del la Bonita. I was thrilled to meet the architect, a part-time resident at the resort, during our visit. I recently encouraged a design client to consider navy blue for her woodwork in need of some design inspiration.

These are a few of my collected images of navy blue on Pinterest and I find I’m liking the shade equally well for fashion and for decor.


I wondered if Pantone agreed with me about the suspected resurgence of navy blue.  I discovered there is a shade of deep blue, Snorkel Blue, projected to be an “It” color for 2016. It pairs well with a number of shades as seen here.  I’m especially liking navy blue with shades of copper and gold this season. Navy and white are purely a classic color combination.


I’ve added a few new blue pieces this season to Style*Mind*Chic Boutique.


As you may have noticed I’m feeling the shoe and boot vibe, especially after our travels to Italy. Both the Perla Formentina and the Artemisia lines are made in Italy.


Phobe Ankle Boots – by Artemisia – Italy


Chiara Flat by Perla Formentini – Italy

I’ll be adding these to my closet this season!

The Blues Collection at Style*Mind*Chic Boutique


Find more color inspiration on my Pinterest board Color Story: Navy Blue




Are you a fan of navy blue?

What shades of color are capturing your attention this season?



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Heather Lindstrom

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I have a navy and white obsession ;-) If you love navy you must have loved Capri Heather? Did you get to visit JK Palace Capri with the gorgeous navy and white interiors? I’ve just done my master suite and guest room in my new cottage navy and white, but just realised I don’t own any clothing that is navy (apart from jeans). How did that happen?


Great post Heather! I’ve always loved navy. Such a classic xo


Heather I’ve always been a navy gal. I painted one of our bedrooms a dark navy and it’s a color I gravitate to with my wardrobe—next to black and white it’s my go-to shade, and I always feel good in it. I love these decor images in your post and I can’t believe how simple and beautiful your beachfront resort was–I’ve never seen dark navy beams how creative!
Can you believe you’re actually retired now? Is it still hitting you at random moments? :)


Retirement is such an exciting new chapter. I’m pinching myself some mornings still! ;) Sorry we didn’t get to meet up since the blogger luncheon was postponed. I just know we have a get together in the future. Looking forward to it!! :) xx


Always a fan of navy! Great potst. XO Dorie


Oh Heather, you are making me want to go out and shop and get something in this wonderful color! The kids start Monday and I DO NEED to go out to shop. Wonderful photos! Enjoy your retirement!


I’m a navy girl! Forever.


I could have guessed that, Shelly! So classic and beautiful. Have a fantastic weekend!


Love, it never went out of style for me! Great post!


It’s so pretty with some of the sea tones we love, right?? Happy weekend Courtney! xx

Love to hear from you!