My DIY Beauty Elixir (for thirsty skin)


It’s that time of year when my skin starts to feel more dried out than the Sahara desert. With summer temps above 100 degrees, lots of pool time here in California, as well as a sun-filled getaway to Riviera Maya, my skin is thirsty for a powerful moisturizer. It’s also important to me that what I put on my skin is good for my skin and the rest of my body.


Earlier this summer I noticed a comment on a blog about using coconut oil as a skin moisturizer. I did some research and found some enthusiastic articles like this on Prevention Magazine. Soon after, I spotted organic coconut oil on the shelf at Target. I already had a collection of essential oils at home and had yet to find much use for them. I grabbed the organic coconut oil, and I knew my DIY beauty elixir was in the works.


These are a few of my favorite essential oils. I love the freshness of the citrus, herby infusion of lavender and the added layer of spicy floral blossoms with the bergamot. When I read about the benefits of using bergamot oil–treating skin conditions, as a natural insecticide, aromatherapy and stress reduction–I was impressed. I have uneven skin tone on my arms as I’ve gotten older, so I wanted to bathe in the stuff.



These are my simple steps for creating your DIY Beauty Elixir

*Purchase organic coconut oil

*Select your favorite essential oil fragrances

*Add your essential oils–drop by drop–into the coconut oil

*Mix with a fork and sniff the elixir with each new addition to find the right balance of scent

*When you’ve found your favorite scent, give your elixir a final stir and seal the jar with a lid



I’ve always enjoyed the idea of blending my own perfumes, as I did in San Francisco at Le Labo. Creating the unique fragrance in such a luxurious coconut oil base just adds to the allure of my DIY beauty elixir for me.


I recycled a simple lidded jar and now my DIY beauty elixir lives proudly next to my Clairins, Nuxe and Antica Farmacista products on my dressing table.

Along with being incredibly cost effective, the best benefit of the elixir is soft, silky skin with a touch of sheen to it. I even applied some to my husband’s arm today. He actually liked the subtle unisex fragrance, and he was impressed with how his skin looked and felt. The jury is out on whether he is an elixir fan but, I’m guessing I could create an irresistible scent for him.


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Are you a fan of coconut oil like I am?

What are your favorite essential oils?



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Coconut oil is wonderful for lots of applications. I will definitely mix up some of your fabulous elixir.


I love Aura Cacia oils too! If you added Rosehip to your elixir, you’d get some natural retinol in there too! Tweeting this!


Heather I learned how to do this at Whole Foods beauty night. They have the same oils and they are great. Isn’t coconut oil the best? My neighbor uses it to remove her makeup, moisturize and in her hair! Nice part is there are no chemicals. I love Bergamot. I’ll have to look for this. I see you and I have a lot of the same things on our dressing table!! Hope you are doing well back at school. xoxo Kim


No question… I need this NOW!! I am going to Amazon right now and order some coconut oil. My high school reunion is in November!!


I definitely NEED to try this! I bought coconut oil for just this purpose but, of course, never got around to it. Thanks for the reminder! Hope you are enjoying this last “official” week of summer (although I think you are already back in school, right?) I plan to join in the link-up on Friday for sure! xoxo


I’ve recently been reading several articles about the many uses of coconut oil and bought a jar of organic oil just a few weeks ago. I shall have to try a few drops of bergamot oil too. By the way, I’ve been a fan of Nuxe L’Huile Prodigieuse for a few years now after I discovered it in a French pharmacy. I adore everything about it!


I cook with coconut oil but haven’t tried it on my skin. I love the idea of using your own customized essential oil blend. The Bergamot sounds interesting. I’m not quite sure I even know how it smells. I’ll have to check it out!
Xoxo Jennifer


Good morning Heather! I had read earlier in the year about certain oils or serums that have been found to be effective in treating and nourishing mature skin and I was happy about that because I guess I was ahead of my time, literally. I’ve been using these types of skin moisturizers faithfully since I was 15. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Doesn’t it feel great to find a product that actually nourishes? I will look into he coconut oil for sure, as it seems to be a great base to add these lovely fragrances. Bergamot? I LOVE IT IN MY EARL GREY! I would imagine the scent is fabulous for Fall!

OK my friend, off I go to my first day of school with the kids. I hope your back to school adventures are wonderful! Anita


Love your elixir as a moisturizer. I have been using organic coconut oil for cooking and as a moisturizer for a couple of years now. It is wonderful for a facial moisturizer and has many health benefits. I will have to try mixing essential oils to it. Sounds luscious! Thanks Heather!


I’m so glad to hear you’ve been using coconut oil too, Karen. It has such a luxurious feel, doesn’t it? I can’t believe how healthy–and affordable–it is. Have a wonderful week, Karen!


I use coconut oil for cooking for most things. I haven’t tried it on my skin and wonder if is absorbed easily or just sits on top of our skin and rubs off on our clothing????? Email me, I must get you up to speed on By Information Only before our next post. xx’s


Use just a small amount and work it gently into the skin. I do feel it absorbs deeply AND stays on for hydration. I will email you today, Marsha.

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