Remembering a Moment with Mary Tyler Moore: Rest in Peace Lovely Lady


Mary Tyler Moore



As I was working on my laptop yesterday the newsflash crawled across the screen announcing that Mary Tyler Moore had passed away. I immediately had a flash of her tossing that royal blue knit cap into the air and flashing that dazzling smile on her sitcom from the 1970’s. Didn’t we all want to BE her?  I was also reminded of a more personal memory I had of the lovely Mary Tyler Moore.


I was young, maybe 11 or 12, racing through the airport at LAX with my family to catch a plane.  It was crowded and I bumped into someone–POW!! It was like a full body block. Slightly stunned,  I looked up and saw the face of  Mary Tyler Moore. I stammered “Sorry”.  She was kind to me, flashed that brilliant smile, gave my shoulder a pat and she raced off to catch her plane, still smiling. It was a quick moment in time, lodged so deeply in my memory I had almost forgotten, but it was one of those small brushes with fame, and one of my favorite television stars, that I will always remember.

As I think back on her legacy, from this age, Mary Tyler Moore had a deeper impact on my life than I realized. She embodied style, fun, optimism and kindness. She showed a generation of us girls that we could have a successful career, a love life, a close-knit group of girlfriends, a super cool apartment and, most importantly, a life we created someday. In her personal life, Mary Tyler Moore showed it was okay to experience difficulties – health, loss, heartbreak, divorce – and, still continue to view the world with hope and optimism. She had type 1 diabetes, battled alcoholism, lost her only son at age 24 and married 3 times (yes, optimistic). She never lost that spark. Instead, she raised money and fought for the causes she believed in with a strong desire to make a difference.



Mary Tyler Moore will continue to “turn the world on” with her smile.

Rest in peace, lovely lady.


In other brushes with fame: I was “invited to dance” by Kevin Bacon and Tom Cruise was scheduled to come to my classroom for ‘star of the week’ back in the 1990’s.

Have you had a brush with fame recently? Were you a fan of Mary Tyler Moore like me?



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I agree with you and so many—she was a class act and she really paved the way for so many women, especially those of us who were single and working in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

I’ve had a few brushes as well. I ‘met’ Robin Williams at a sidewalk cafe in Chicago. Val Kilmer and some local personalities. It’s a great feeling to know they are ‘real’, whether it’s a brushing or convo.

Jane x


Class act– absolutely!! I LOVE seeing IG images of you and that adorable baby, Jane. SO happy for you! xx


I pass the house where they filmed the introduction and perhaps where they filmed a few scenes. This house is on my way to work at Lake of the Isles, and this morning in the thick of darkness, there it was, the house all lit up in memory of her.


How interesting, Anita. I’m sure you can relate living right there in the iconic neighborhood. Wow! I can just picture that image from early this morning. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend.

Love to hear from you!