Atelier Louis Moinet: Time for Celebration!









and the luxury of time.



Time is marked when a newborn breathes the first breath.

Time is marked,


when a final breath has been breathed.



I’m a long time admirer and collector of watches. I’ve recently been introduced to a premiere brand of Swiss timepieces, Louis Moinet.  No brand signifies the history, tradition and innovation of bespoke watch making more than Atelier Louis Moinet, based in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland. Along with the 10th anniversary of the brand they are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the invention of the chronograph by Louis Moinet (1768- 1853): master watchmaker, inventor of the chronograph, and in whose honor the brand is named.  For this celebratory milestone Atelier Louis Moinet is introducing the innovative and artful Memoris timepiece.


 The watch as an object of desire



In the words of CEO Jean-Marie Schaller (pictured above):



To be clear, this is the first chronograph-watch ever created. The chronograph function is the main feature of the design, and the time function, while still present, is a lesser element. The ingenious “Energie Plus” feature is an automatic pawl winding system which allows the watch to be wound in both directions with extreme precision. This masterpiece of innovation is available in luxurious 18k rose gold and 18k white gold, in three limited editions, of just 60 pieces each.


At the core of Ateliers Louis Moinet:

creativity, exclusivity, art & design



There is nothing more symbolic than a timepiece. A watch may simply be a style statement, a reminder of a celebratory milestone in life or a truly innovative work of art such as the Memoris. My collection of watches is growing and there is always room for one more.


Congratulations to Atelier Louis Moinet and CEO Jean-Marie Schaller
on your 10th anniversary, the release of your innovative masterpiece the Memoris,
and your nomination for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva.


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Isn’t it time…to celebrate?


Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature
Post Script~
I placed a printed paper version of the Memoris in my watch case
and discovered the ‘rays’ the next time I looked at the photo.
It must be a sign…

Heather Lindstrom

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Stunning piece…I want one!


Hopefully we will be seeing one in person one day! xx


Such a gorgeous watch!! They make such a chic statement. I only have 2 watches. Each very different, but I love the style statement they make!!
Let’s chat soon. I miss our talks!!!


Thanks Jen! Isn’t this memoris just a piece of art? A girl can dream….right? Let’s chat this week!
#phonedate xx, Heather


Great post Heather. My Hubs is a great watch collector ;-)


This is truly an extraordinary brand, Vannessa. Being part of the European luxury brands yourself I just knew you would have an appreciation for the intricacy, uniqueness and beauty of Memoris. I’m sure your husband must have a fantastic collection!


WOW! That is a work of heart. HI HEATHER!


It is truly a masterpiece, isn’t it? I enjoyed learning more about the history and whole design process of this work of art.
Happy weekend Anita! xx

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