London Getaway

London — sophisticated, cosmopolitan — with a classic style and a dry sense of humor. Following the 2012 Summer Olympics, it’s polished to a high shine as we noted upon our arrival at Heathrow Airport. We were met by a driver with our name on a placard and were swiftly whisked to our hotel, the Marriott Marble Archa perfect location for seeing the sights. Freshening up is required after the red eye flight but later we took the concierge’s suggestion and walked to the Spaghetti House for a delicious Italian dinner. A quick trip to see the holiday windows at Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols and it was back to the hotel, via taxi, before jet lag set in.

London certainly dresses up for the holidays. All around us we discovered a blaze of colorful lights, ornately decorated trees and fabulous window displays, all gussied up for the season. The festive, slightly glamorous vibe certainly added an extra dash of merrymaking for our holidays.

Window displays at Harrods Department Store




 Buckingham Palace

The Changing of the Guard





After purchasing our 2-day ‘hop on, hop off’ bus passes were boarded the ‘Original Tour’ for a trip to see the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. The weather was brisk but clear with puffy clouds, the perfect day to visit the “Eye”, the spectacular new slow viewing wheel. Passengers board pods that rotate slowly with the most incredible views of London I have seen.



The London “Eye” offers breathtaking views of the city over the Thames~highly recommended
for a bird’s eye view of London.




 Scott’s first visit to London

Traveling with my family made it extra special for the holidays.
My mom, Jeri, who generously planned the trip for us. 
My sister, Heidi, and her boys, Jordan and Jared, and
my usual sidekick, Scott.


Brummus~a stylish spot for a hot toddy

Evensong at Westminster Abbey~gorgeous.

Rain in London~not a big surprise. That’s my chic mom, Jeri, with the umbrella.


 Hopping on a City Tour-jump on jump off variety.

We chose the ‘Original Tour Company’.

The Tower of London and the Crown Jewels.


Touring St. Paul’s Cathedral~a must!

Architect Sir Christopher Wren’s Masterpiece.

Get the individualized guided tour (on iPod) and explore.

I could have stayed all afternoon…….



 but we had High Tea at Le Meridien 

and a show to catch………


 A fabulous show……..anybody need a tissue?!


London was a whirlwind this trip. We hit some of the highlights but definitely want to return with more time to explore.  In previous visits, I have enjoyed strolling through Hampstead Heath and Notting Hill. For our next trip, I hope to add the West End to our agenda.



Have you been to London?

What are your favorite must-see spots?

Next stop~Paris!

Hotels I recommend:

No 1 The Mansions by Mansley

44 Curzon Street By Mansely

What to Do in London:

Things to do and see in London

                             Visiting London? Find Deals, Compare Rates, and Read Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor



All Images: Heather Lindstrom


Heather Lindstrom

London Style

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So loved this post and seeing all you did. What a marvelous trip! How lucky to be in London during the holidays too. Never seen the guards in their winter coats..

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. I’m going again in summer so I will check out those links too!

Your photos were beautiful. Isn’t the London Eye great? So happy you had a great trip!


Hi Kim-sounds like we both love to travel. London was truly magical during the holidays and it’s a treat in summer as well. I would love to hear some of your favorite spots…will definitely look towards some summer posts from you. Yes-the ‘eye’ was amazing!!
Next up another magical city~Paris!


Did you guys have a FABULOUS trip or what????? You brought back so many wonderful memories for me dear friend! Love the photo gallery!! A little history, a little glamour, and a lot of LOVE

I like the shot of you with the Louis Vitton and stylish cap- You CRACK me up!!!

Livin’ the Life !

Keep it up!

Love ya’


KK!! I’m just laughing! I can hear you saying, “Livin’ the life!!” Love it!
We did have a fantastic trip. The cap was hair gone wild in the rain-but it’s London after all. The queen says ‘hello’ classy lady!! xx


Oh, Heather, you captured the wonderment and magic of so many of the sights of London! I’ve never been (yet), but you captured much of what I’d be wanting to experience. I really do love the photo of you and your husband at the theater….so beautiful! What a grand trip! xo


Hi Shelly,I’m so happy you enjoyed my photos. I’m not a great photographer by any means but I think you can’t really go wrong in London or Paris. So much to capture in these wonderful cities. Thank you for your compliment on the photo…it was a bit magical to be at Les Miserables with Scott-it’s his favorite play of all times. I always love it when you stop by my friend! xx


How fun and exciting! I have never been to London but I want to go – badly, especially after reading this post!


It is such a beautiful city~sophisticated, historical, royal, with a jolly sense of humor. A definite on the to do list. I want to go back when we have more time. Happy 2013 Adrienne!


Fantastic photos to show us! Thank you, I ADORE LONDON!!


Thank You Caroline! I would love to hear about some of your favorite spots in London some time. Happy New Year!! xx


So merry! Thanks for sharing. Such a sweet picture of you & Scott at the end of the picture roll.


Thanks Mel! It was definitely a merry time of year to travel. Happy New Year my sweet friend! xx

Love to hear from you!