Kicking off the Holidays: A Blogger Meet-Up, Shopping and Magical Sunsets



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Hello friends! I’m just back from a girlfriends’ getaway to San Francisco and am quickly jumping into the Thanksgiving preparations as most of us are this season. I wore a few of my favorites yesterday for a blogger meet-up and some shopping at one of my favorite places.


Look who’s in town!! One of my favorite bloggers, and fellow entrepreneurs, Dale Janee of the stylish Savvy Spice blog and CEO of one of my favorite brands at StyleMindChic Boutique, Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcases. Dale regularly visits family in Chico and it’s always fun to catch up with her over coffee.

Next off, it was a Thanksgiving food run at my favorite market in town, Trader Joe’s.




Dear Trader Joes, When I moved to Chico from SF Bay Area, 16 years ago, I desperately missed you. When you finally opened your doors in Chico years later I had a lump of happiness in my throat on that first day. 👏 My favorite foods were back!! I told my husband I would sign up for another 5 years of life in Chico. 💖Joe, you make me a better cook, a better hostess and make life much more delicious! Thanks for being YOU, for being here in Chico and for those new coco glazed roasted almonds we discovered yesterday. I have a crush! 😍 #chicoca #traderjoes#traderjoeslove #foodie #traderjoesflowers




This view, one of those magical November sunsets, greeted me as I arrived home from San Francisco. It is though the world is bathed in pink and gold light. I can only describe it as a magical moment and I try to capture it with my camera (or iPhone) as best I can.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home this year, with a smaller group than usual. It is yet to be determined exactly how many we will have but I know it will be a wonderful day. I love the simplicity of Thanksgiving. Thankfulness, good food, a pretty table and loved ones surrounding it.



It’s a busy time of year. I know I’m struggling to get around to comment on my blog reads and you may be too. Just in case you happen by StyleMindChic today, I want to wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I hope it is filled to the brim with family and friends, delicious bites, old traditions, maybe some delightful new ones, and a feeling of being surrounded by love.

I’m thankful to you for stopping by today! Are you celebrating Thanksgiving where you are?

What are your plans for the holiday?



Black Friday Sales are just around the corner at Style*Mind*Chic Boutique!

(image taken at Harrod’s Department Store in London 2012)


Heather Lindstrom

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Happy Thanksgiving, Heather! I’m cooking for turkey day with family coming on two days. I did my Trader’s shopping a couple of days ago. Love their appetizers and flowers when I host. You and Dale look so cute! Enjoy your holiday with family and friends. Xx Karen


Thanks so much, Karen. It’s always fun to connect with Dale. She’s lovely. Your Thanksgiving plans sound wonderful. Enjoy every moment of the holidays! xx


That sunset had me at Good Evening!

So great to meet bloggers, I think I have heard of Dale. Good for you both!

Our TJ is about 40 minutes away so try to hit it when I’m in the area. Love some of their Mediterranean salads most of all.

Happy Thanksgiving, Pretty Lady!



What a glorious sunset. I wish we had Trader Joes in Canada. We have a Whole Foods in Oakville but it’s not quite the same. Happy Thanksgiving. xo


Well, actually, we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, as well as my birthday! Just happens that it falls on the same day this year. A friend has made us a pumpkin pie (I am not a pie person…) and we have a birthday cake my husband bought. We will be rolling out the door after dinner!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Ohhhh, Traders, WE HAVE SEVERAL HERE! And I get my flowers from them and all the goodies for the holidays, and quite frankly, almost all our shopping! And your color scheme for Thanksgiving is like mine. If you have a chance, go to my Instagram to see what I’m wearing tomorrow! HUGS and happy Thanksgiving, Heather!

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