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I’m excited to announce the new ‘Curated Travel’ section of my lifestyle brand. My ‘Sunny Escape’ Travel Concierge has connected with a full-service travel agency, Great Escape Travel, owned by the very successful travel agent, Tim Colbie. As an independent, home based travel consultant, I am now able to offer full-service travel bookings for clients: vacation packages, cruises, dream vacations, destination weddings, honeymoons, spa, luxury, wine and culinary travel experiences and so much more!


This gallery represents just a few of my favorite places, and the images I’ve taken while enjoying my time. Bon Voyage, right?




Behind the scenes of my journey into retirement, I have been researching, examining options, consulting, studying and trusting my gut. Going through some old files, I found my interest inventories from high school/graduate school. Right there, dated 1985, my two highest career interest scores popped out at me–TRAVEL AGENT and STORE MANAGER. Wow!!! #happydance

I’ve owned my online StyleMindChic Boutique for four years now, definitely satisfying that piece of my entrepreneurial puzzle. With nearly 150 posts involving travel on StyleMindChic Life Blog, my passion for travel is clear. Staring at this image again today, I realize that I took this interest inventory 31 years ago this week. I am grateful for my long career in education, and for this reminder, discovered in an old battered file, that I’m on the right track for this new chapter.





This is a huge leap for me!! I am following my passions and, fingers crossed, making dreams come true.

I’m celebrating this launch with a giveaway from the Curated Collections of Style*Mind*Chic Boutique to one lucky winner:

1 – EMME Petite Cosmetics/Toiletries bag

1 – Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcase – Luxurious & Anti-aging (in color of your choice)

1 – Glowing 18k gold-plated cuff from Francesca Romana Diana




To enter the giveaway share, pin, tweet and follow for extra points on Rafflecopter in widget below.

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Winner will be chosen at random on October 6th by

Learn more: Curated Travel – Great Escape Travel Consultant.

The link can also be found in the main menu on the home page.

Stylemindchic Life Logo Heather Lindstrom

I’m excited to help make your travel dreams come true!


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Curated Travel – Great Escape Travel

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Heather Lindstrom

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I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora- looks just like paradise on earth!

My jewelry crush pin for 10/4

I pinned that gorgeous black leather bag and entered the link by mistake in the form. Thanks!

One of my dream destinations is Provence. I would love to take some cooking classes.

Best of luck in your new endeavor Heather! We are dying to get back to Europe. Elder care has prevented us from doing so. We hope to one day soon!

I would love to visit Italy with the family.

My travel dreams are far off in the future, until my four boys are much older. It now consists of small weekend getaways and family trips to less exotic destinations. When the day comes, I know who to call! -Maggie

Sounds perfect, Maggie! I’ll have lots of travel inspiration for you! Thanks for stopping by!

Proud of your reimagination of your professional life! I’ll go wherever you take me! Xo Hubby Scott

I love that, reimagination, perfect!! xx

Wishing you all the best with this new chapter of your life. Your travel photos are lush! Xx

I love putting together the travel posts, as you can tell. Thanks so much for the kind wishes, Karen. I truly appreciate your support and friendship here on the blog. Hoping we can meet up in person sometime soon! xx

Heather, So excited for you! I think you’ll be wonderful at this and really enjoy it. I have so loved your travel posts and photos through the years! Yay for you! xo Kim

Same to you, Kim! I know we are both passionate our travels. I will reference your posts for some of my clients, you can be sure. Thanks for the kind wishes, girlfriend!

Hi Anita – Your comments went on the contact form to my email. I’ll transfer them here for you. Thanks so much for stopping by – twice – and all the well wishes. So excited for your magazine article–can’t wait to see it!
From Anita:

Dearest Heather! I know I came here the other day and left a message, but I don’t see it! This is a fabulous new “job” for you and what a great one!!! Thank you as well for coming by to visit me. I finally got a few copies of the magazine and it’s really fun to see our home in print! Be well sweet friend, Anita

Heather, how exciting for you! You are the perfect person to do this! Well done and if I hear of anyone wanting a wonderful travel experience, I shall send them your way! – – – Jen

Hello Heather! What a great new “job” you have! ENJOY IT! These photos of yours are magazine-worthy! —-Anita Rivera

You will be a huge success because this is YOU! PS – Mexico?!

Mexico???!!! I have some ideas for YOU, Val! Let’s make some plans for your next getaway! Thanks for the love!!! xx

Your blog looks beautiful and I’m delighted to hear about your new travel company and services. Best wishes for great success and happy travels!

Celia @

You will find lots of travel inspiration here, Celia, I just can’t help myself. Thanks for the kind wishes and for encouragement!

Good luck, Heather, with another new chapter of your life!! I wish you the best!

Hi Katie – Thanks so much! It has been a busy and exciting time. I know you are a fellow lover of a travel so I’ll continue to draw travel inspiration from you!

I am so proud of you, and am so inspired by your courage!! You deserve this new chapter in all its glory!!! xo

Ahhh Shelly, this means so much. Thank you! You have been here since the very, very early days of my blog and I am so appreciative for the 4+ years of support and friendship from you. I know you’ve seen the entire continuum of change and expansion of this website over the years. Seeing that interest inventory score sheet just reinforced, deep down, the direction I’ve been feeling for the last couple of years–pretty cool! It’s a huge leap and an exciting one. I’ll keep you posted!! Thanks for the kind words and joining the giveaway!! xx

I’m so happy for your Heather !
All great and wonderful things all wrapped up in one.
Mood Swing Wines

Thanks so much, Mollie! We’ve only been connected for a week or so and I already know you are a wonderful cheerleader for friends and fellow entrepreneurs. So excited about this new chapter. TRAVEL!! Looking forward to meeting you next week!

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