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Drybar in San Francisco Kearny

Have you ever had a professional blowout at one of the blowout bars in town? It was always on my list, but during my recent trip to San Francisco to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my husband, I decided to schedule my first official blowout at Drybar. I’ve been curious about the convenience of a quick blow dry. Is it worth it?  Seriously, is there a better cure a bad hair day, anywhere?  As you can see, a bad hair day can strike at any time (example A: my dry, unruly, flyaway style). I think it’s a brilliant concept.

On my Way to Drybar for a blowout
Pre Drybar

One look in the mirror, I quickly downloaded the app, and was able to pick my time and location, in seconds. I loved the convenience. I strategically booked my blowout a couple of days after our arrival in the city, and two days before New Year’s Eve.  I made my way to the Kearny Street location, just off Union Square, and opened the door to a fresh, colorful, hip salon with a friendly vibe.

Drybar Wall Menu

I was warmly greeted by Julie, who was assigned to me for my blow-out. She showed me the menu and asked about my preferences. The theme for Drybar is FUN! Check out the website here and you’ll see what I mean. The menu is based on cocktails like the Cosmo, the Dirty Martini, and the Uptini. I wanted a sleek blowout, with a little bend at the ends, so I chose the Manhattan.

The Menu at Drybar SF

The concept at Drybar, brainchild of stylist Alli Webb, is simple. No color, no cuts, just blow-outs for $40.00. My 30 minutes at Drybar was the perfect bit of pampering and preparation for a big night out on the town. In addition to the straight blowout, Drybar offers ‘extra shots’ of additional services like the Floater (scalp massage), the Hair Shot (extra treatment) and even, swoon, a blowout in your own home, called Dry on the Fly, for $95. That’s living the life if you ask me. If I lived near a Drybar I know I would be tempted!

Heather Lindstrom at Drybar having a shampoo

My blowout began with a trip to the shampoo room. We passed the tufted walls of the VIP room, complete with a yellow blow dryer chandelier. A whimsical signature piece for Drybar.

Drybar SF Collage

Following my shampoo, and brief scalp massage, Julie draped my hair in a towel and led me to the comfortable, and stylish, blowout bar. She sectioned my hair into small, 1-2 inch sections, and pinned them up. Julie started in the front, and dried each small section completely, before moving on to the next section.

My first visit to Drybar San Franciscco

How to get the perfect blowout from Drybar and Alli Webb:

*Section off 1-2 inch sections with clips and make sure each section is 100% dry (the KEY to a perfect blowout)

*Always start in the front sections-with bangs, hairline and fringe 

*Dry each section to completion or it will frizz

 Alli’s advice on styling winter hair here.


Fun product line at Drybar

Julie used the libation themed product line from Drybar for each step of my blowout. She continued to dry each strand, until completely dry, with a large paddle brush. When all sections were finished, Julie used a round brush to give a slight shape to the ends. When she was done, my hair was soft and sleek, with great movement and flow.

Heather Lindstrom at Drybar San Francisco

Heather Lindstrom at Drybar San Francisco

My outfit matched the color scheme of Drybar so perfectly I wanted to pick up a blow dryer….well, almost.

Yellow flowers at Drybar on Stylemindchic Lifestyle


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Drybar. It was time well spent and I had a sleek, pretty hairstyle that lasted for three days. I’m impressed with the concept, design scheme and marketing of Drybar. This is definitely one of those businesses that ‘meets a need’. Alli Webb and I tweeted about my first trip to Drybar later that day. I’ll definitely be returning on my next trip to San Francisco. Sometimes we all need a bit of pampering and Drybar is definitely the place for the perfect blowout.

Stylemindchic Life Logo Heather Lindstrom

Have you ever had a professional blowout like this?

Does your hair have a total mind of it’s own like mine does?


Heather Orr Lindstrom Signature

Thanks to Julie and the team, I received VIP treatment at Drybar.

I purchased my own blowout and products.

My opinions about Drybar are my own.

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Heather Lindstrom

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What a great result and a lovely relaxing experience too. I love a scalp massage! Impressive that it lasted three days too. These blow dry bars are in our major cities but I have heard this week that one has just opened not too far from where I live. I imagine that they will become more and more popular.


It looks so gorgeous!! I’ve never done that before because I simply do t have enough hair. But my daughter loves them. Maybe I could just get the massage:). Looking wonderful girlfriend!!


Oh, you look so beautiful Heather! always beaming, that amazing smile. This is a great post, a reminder to indulge once in a while. It can be an absolute necessity at this time of the year! xx Nancy


I love that, Nancy! We should indulge every now and then. You and I are on the same page, be thoughtful about expenses, and then treat ourselves to a little luxury. Have a lovely weekend! xx
PS-thanks for the kind words ;)


Heather, They did a great job. Your hair looks beautiful. It’s nice to do something like this especially when traveling. I have gone to the DryBar in Los Gatos too. I also love your outfit. You always look so pretty in yellow and love the jacket too. xo Kim


Oh Kim, how fun that you have a Drybar in Los Gatos! It’s definitely money well spent for special occasions. Thanks for the compliments, girlfriend. I do love a pop of yellow ;)!
Have a wonderful day!


You look GORG after you Dry Bar experience! We don’t have Dry Bar here but we have something similar – I love to treat myself before I travel – if it is a short trip my hair stays nice the whole time (four days). Hope you are having a wonderful week, Heather! xoxo


You are so smart, Sandy. I love that idea. The blowout really has staying power, especially with a little dry shampoo on the last day. Thanks for the kind comments, girlfriend!


Well, your hair looks awesome, Heather. We just had one open in San Antonio, so you may have convinced me to give it a go!


Yes, Pam, I definitely think you should give it a try! The blowout lasted at least 3 days, even more with a little dry shampoo. It’s the perfect combo of pampering, time saving and a beauty treat. Have a great week!


oooolaaalaaa, Heather. You look fantastic! I’ve never heard of going in for just a blow out before, very interesting. That is so cool that your outfit goes with all the products.

Enjoy your day!

love, ~Sheri


Isn’t the color scheme thing such a funny coincidence. I clearly like the vibe! ;) These little blow dry bars have a great concept, I think. If only I had a Drybar here in Chico! For now it will be my ‘San Francisco Treat’. By the way, I found your sweet comments in my spam folder so they are published now. Thanks for the touching comments and blog love my darling friend.


How fun!

You are the perfect spokes-model for Drybar, precious Heather!

I am so far behind with my blog visiting comments!
We have not stopped partying up here in the Pacific Northwest! It has been one “jolly holiday” since Thanksgiving!
On the one weekend between the conference playoffs and the Super Bowl, we attended three events planned specifically for the weekend without football…

I wonder if Seattle has a Drybar…
I must check it out!
Sharing beauty tips is always appreciated by me!
Thank YOU!


You have all been in major party mode in the Northwest. How fun to attend all the events, Lynne! I checked, I don’t think Drybar has come to Seattle yet, but I added it to their list of requested places for you. It’s a great concept, a little pampering and a great blowout all in 30 or so minutes. Have a lovely week, dear Lynne!


Heather! What a fun thing to do. And can you believe I haven’t heard of a Dry Bar before? (I know. I don’t know where I’ve been) but I loved seeing your photos and hearing about your experience. Ah the mere mention of a scalp massage is all I need to get me into one of these places. It sounds divine.


I had it on my list for quite awhile and just before New Year’s Eve was the perfect time to try it. These blowout bars are popping up all over. I enjoyed visiting one of the premiere concept salons at Drybar. Isn’t it fun? YOU should try it, Leslie! A little pampering goes a long way! xx

Love to hear from you!