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I have planned to write a post on ‘how to’ color your hair at home for ages. When L’Oreal Paris contacted me about reviewing their new Excellence Age Perfect Layered-Tone Flattering Color hair color line, I knew the timing was perfect.  I’ve colored my hair at home since my early 20’s. When I think of the time I’ve saved, from appointments at the salon, and the cost (roughly $40 touch up cost x 12 months x 25 years =$12,000), coloring your hair at home is definitely a smart, savvy idea. My problem with my frequent root touch-ups at home was the regrowth; if my shade was on the darker side, the re-growth was very obvious. If my shade was too light, my color may last longer but the tone would wash me out. Finding the balance in shades is always the tricky part.

how-to-color-your-hair-at-home-l'oreal-stylemindchiclifeThose grays….I usually like a little mixed metal (silver and gold) but it’s definitely prettier in jewelry than in hair.

When I agreed to write a review, L’Oreal requested the typical shades I would use to color my hair. Several days later the sample arrived at my house. The hair color experts at L’Oreal chose 8N (medium natural blonde) which was a good match to my caramel, golden blonde base. I was looking forward to trying the new multi-dimensional formula pioneered by L’Oreal. A flat, one-dimensional hair color does no favors for anyone, but ‘shimmering, radiant, harmoniously blended roots’, all sound like a great hair day to me!


Coloring your hair at home is very simple.

These are my steps:

1 – Read, and re-read directions to be certain you understand the steps.

2 – Lay out your tools–color tubes, gloves, comb/brush tool, timer and directions–before you start. I add a towel, or scarf, and facial oil.

3 – If you have never used a hair color before, a strand test is essential to work out timing and sensitivity level for your unique hair type.

4 – Wrap a towel or scarf around your shoulders to catch any drips.

5 – Rub facial oil on the skin along your hairline so that color does not dye your skin.


6 – L’Oreal designed a handy new tool for easy application. Once I got the hang of using this brush/comb, I found it to be genius (practice a trial run before you load it with color)!

7 – Mix colors according to directions, shake well, & work quickly to load the brush with color.


Shake it!

8 – Apply color to your roots, starting with the hairline and natural part, and work backwards. I use the point of the comb to part hair into straight rows (the best way to get perfect overage). Starting at the front hairline and part, allows extra time for color to develop on the areas that show the most.


9 – When you’ve covered all roots, set the timer to 25 minutes, and allow L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect color to work its magic.

10 – When the timer beeps, use the brush to pull color through to your ends, for the final 5 minutes of color time.

11 – 5 minutes later hop in the shower, lather up color with water, and rinse thoroughly.

12 – Apply the luxurious Restorative Conditioning Treatment, for the final 2 minutes in the shower, and rinse until water runs clear.


(*Full Disclosure: I learned a lesson by asking my husband to take a few ‘head-shots only’ in the shower! ;) #crop #crop #crop

I was one of those dark hair, blue-eyed girls that went gray early. I’ve found that dark blonde shades are much easier to maintain, than dark hair with a frequently reappearing skunk stripe. Being a veteran of 25+ years of hair color at home, I was extremely pleased with my experience using L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect.The directions are clear and easy to follow. The innovative brush/comb eased the awkward application process, even at the nape of my neck. The scent was actually pleasant, rather than the harsh chemical smell of some hair color products. My husband even noticed the gentle fragrance as he photographed my ‘shower scene’. L’Oreal seems more gentle than other brands I’ve used and it did not irritate my scalp in the least. The conditioner was extremely luxurious and left my hair feeling silky smooth and full.


The best thing is truly the radiant color. I was very happy with the level of shine and shimmer my hair had after coloring. The multi-dimensional properties allow for your roots to grow out and blend, with less of the dreaded ‘skunk stripe’, which equals more time between touch-ups. That’s a big plus in my busy calendar.

Heather Lindstrom Stylemindchic Lifestyle and L’Oreal Paris Hair color



I want to thank L’Oreal Paris for the opportunity to give their new hair color a test drive. My hair feels soft, silky and looks shimmery, loaded with multi-dimensional highlights.  I’m very pleased with my results and will most definitely be using L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect Hair Color again and again.

Have you ever colored your hair at home?

If you are considering at home hair color, try this helpful online tool L’Oreal Paris.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am in no way affiliated with L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.

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Sounds wonderful. Where in London can I get it as I have not managed to find it so far

Hello Jeannette,
Thanks for the comment! I just checked on and they have a great supply of it. Ebay may also have an online supply. I would definitely check online for shipment to the UK.
Best, Heather

Heather, your hair is so silky and pretty. Luckily, I only have to color my hair about twice a year, it’s still my natural brown, and I do use the L’Oreal, but I’ll have to try L’Oreal Paris. You know, you even look cute when you’re coloring your hair. And don’t blame your husband for taking a few shots of you in the shower – he can’t help it if you’re gorgeous. ;~)

love, ~Sheri

Your step by step guide is excellent and your colour looks lovely and a professional result too! I have never been been brave enough to colour my hair at home and in fact I only ever trust the hairdresser I have had for a good few years now. This looks like a very good product though.

It looks fabulous! I’ve only tried coloring at home once, and it was a disaster. I like the idea of the root grow out being blended. Skunk is never a good look. You make this look so easy!! Even glamorous. My mother used a Loreal product for years and years to color her hair. It always looked totally natural. As yours does.
Saving time is a huge benefit! Huge! I’ll look into this one. You’re wearing the exact blonde I want!
Have a great week.
xx Jennifer

Your hair looks lovely…I fight the skunk stripe every month and it does get old. I laughed at the shower picture…you have way more courage than I do, girl! You still look just as lovely in the shower though!

Ahhhhh, thank you Pam! If I only I had the hair and makeup team that you had in LA! So much fun! ;)

Heather, as soon as you started doing the math …. I skimmed over that (I don’t want to know!!!). It’s ridiculous isn’t it and it’s getting worse. I have lots of hair and it’s always been a challenge and as I gotten older it’s become even more unruly. I’ve done a little coloring at home for just the primary roots. Your color looks great and in response to your comment about the “nudes” in the shower;) I can just imagine! xxleslie

Yes, that husband of mine keeps me laughing… funny! #delete #delete #delete ;) All the upkeep does seem to cost more at that this stage in life. I certainly have more ‘must have’ products that I can’t live without. I always appreciate your tips, too, Leslie!

Heather, your post was informative and influential. Your step by step instructions, along with your photos, were on point when making it easier to understand the process, and being able to witness the lovely results. I am very influenced to try this myself, not only due to the cost/savings and the time I’d save making a trip to the salon, but for the natural results . For me, every dollar, and every minute is important, but looking my best is the most important. Thank you. L’Oreal was smart to partner with you. xo

Thank you, Shelly dear. It was a fun collaboration! I do love sharing a hot tip with my blog readers (as you know!). I do think the process is straightforward and such a time saver, too. I’m all for finding smart/savvy solutions. Let me know how it works out if you do try it. You always look lovely!

Oh Heather, you look wonderful! My hair is going gray on the sides and I love it, but blond hair, OH SO GORGEOUS! I love all your photos – and yes, CROP CROP CROP! xoxoxoxoox Anita

Can you imagine how shocked I was to see a whole series of ‘nudes’just trying to get a photo of rinsing my hair? That man of mine, he amuses me to no end. Definitely not going to ‘wash that man right out of my hair’. ;) Have a wonderful week my darling friend! xx

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