‘How I Wear My’ Boots Fashion Series and Change is in the Air!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of joining the monthly series of  ‘How I Wear My’ created by my blogger friends Adrienne and Jill. The theme this month is boots. I almost skipped the series since I had been home in bed with the flu all week but at the last minute I threw on a hat, my over the knee Kelsi Dagger nude boots and hit the deck. These photos show the field behind our house finally showing some blessed green in the this season of drought. What a relief.

From the series on Jill’s blog:

“Heather of StyleMindChic wrote of her look, “I am styling my Kelsi Dagger over-the-knee nude boots with Calvin Klein waxed skinny jeans, Michael Kors silky blouse, Merona animal print trench and jewelry from my Stylemindchic Boutique.”

love this look on Heather. I think this my new favorite picture of her. Me-ow!”

Thanks Jill and ‘Me-ow’ to you too! For more on styling boot looks from around the world see Jill’s Everything Just So and Adrienne’s The Rich Life on a Budget. Thank you for hosting my stylish friends. 

We are finally getting rain here in California so it’s definitely still boot and bootie season. Though over the knee boots are stylish I find I wear my booties nearly year around in California.  I love a bargain and found a few favorites currently on sale Zappos.

On a different note there are some big changes coming to my Stylemindchic blog and I’m excited to reveal more about that in the near future. In the meantime I’m doing a little zhushing and re-editing of a few earlier posts. You may have seen a few of those posts coming through if you follow Stylemindchic on email.

I have a question for you, my dear readers, how do you follow blogs? Do you follow by email, Facebook fan page, direct link to a website, Bloglovin, Networked Blogs or something different? I would love to hear how you find Stylemindchic and other blogs and I want to be certain not to lose touch with the upcoming changes for Stylemindchic. I have found that Bloglovin is an easy way to follow all of my favorite blogs so you may want to give it a try.

 Follow on Bloglovin

As always thanks for joining me on Stylemindchic!
xx, Curated Lifestyle Collections at my Stylemindchic Boutique!

Heather Lindstrom

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You do look splendid my lady – great textures and sass! I agree with the commenter above, I’ve never seen that colour in boots, beautiful! Funny I was just thinking the same thing, do many people use Bloglovin – I don’t know anything about it. i follow through blogger and all the blogs (including yours) displayed on my blog sidebar if that’s what its called

I love a nice pair of boots, and these are really cute. The color of them is very unique. And the coat is fabulous. How darling you look in this outfit.

Have a great week.


My blogger friend has recently switched over and is having a tough time. If you are computer savvy;) you should be fine. I’ve been talking to a company as well and just haven’t decided for sure yet. We are selling our house and building locally .. so my world is rocking right now. I’m a little concerned about making any changes that might increase my stress level. All this said, I believe WordPress will (in the long run) be the right move and will give us many more options.

Thanks for popping over today! xxleslie

You look fabulous in those boots!! I’ve just started using Bloglovin (hate the name though) and I’m finding it pretty user friendly. The rain is such a welcome relief. I only wore my tall bits this winter in my trio to Vancouver, otherwise booties for me too!! Excited to see your new changes!! Have a lovely weekend darling. xoJennifer

Woman, those boots are made for walking and that’s what they’ll just do….and THEN SOME! YOWSA!!!!!!!!!! That trench as well is the perfect combo for those boots. I am loving those over the knee boots and in my area, they do come in handy to keep the legs warm! STUNNING! How fun is this, isn’t it?


Fabulous boots! I’m a fan of bloglovin too.

Your boots are gorgeous Heather and you wear them well:): So excited about your blog changes. I’m thinking of changing over to WordPress.. just need to pull the trigger but I’m nervous about it. I follow you via email AND have you on my blog roll. You are a keeper for sure:) Enjoy your weekend! xxleslie

You look splendid my lady! And the boot are gorgeous! Feel better soon. If only we all looked like this when under the weather!


We are also in a drought…I honestly cannot remember the last time it seriously rained…not drizzle. I love to wear to my raincoat …so much fun!! I think I will keep my eye out for an animal print one now!

Depending on the format the blogger chooses it does depend – sometimes bloglovin shows up a blog sooner and blogger reader can be really slow and doesn’t show up a day later! But I have noticed that commenting through bloglovin can cause problems and won’t go through so there are pros and cons but to be honest I tend to follow blogs I like on both just to be sure I don’t miss it! PS Love that jacket xx

Your boots are a great colour, so versatile. I like the contrast between the light boots and the darker animal print. The grass really does look dry in contrast to our lawn which is partly flooded at the moment! That’s England though – always green! I have been following for quite some time now and I see your new posts in my reading list on my blogger dashboard. However, I also follow blogs on Bloglovin’ and I have just followed you there too so I definitely won’t miss a post now! Looking forward to the changes – I’m curious already! Have a great weekend, Heather!

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