Holiday Cheer from Our Home to Yours!



Wishing you holiday cheer from our home to yours on Christmas day.


Well hello there and welcome to Stylemindchic Life. I can’t tell you how much it means that you’ve stopped by today.

During this season of celebrating family, friendships and spreading holiday cheer, I want to celebrate you. Your support of Stylemindchic Life (and me) means more than I can say. Thank you for your interest, your comments and your blog love.


I wish we could gather in person today. We would meet together by the tree and enjoy some holiday tunes, festivities and sip some spicy cider.


I would encourage Scott to show off his enormous collection of Christmas globes and the light show on the house outside. We would take a moment to admire the twinkling lights and the winter views from the deck.


We would raise a glass to toast to the joys of the year and our hopes for the new year to come.

We would likely grow misty-eyed at the memories of those no longer gathering around our tables this year.



We know they will live forever in our hearts, and our sparkling memories are sure to bring a smile…

even as we wipe away a tear.

I am feeling misty… are you?


A tiny tinsel tree–a golden wreath–it all speaks to the glow of the holiday season.


Reflections of the joy and spirit of the holidays.


Do you believe, in your heart, in the magic of Christmas?


In those beautiful moments, filled with merriment and those we love, a kind of magic may just happen,

if we keep our eyes open to it.


Like this one.

After I published a holiday post 2 years ago, I discovered that most of the photographs were twinkling. I still consider it a minor Christmas miracle. ;)  A Home for the Holidays



Annika, Heather, Scott, Briana, Lauren Thanksgiving 2014


For the first time in 20 years I didn’t send Christmas cards this year. There was simply too much on the agenda. If you are reading this post please consider this my warm holiday wish for you and yours this season.


We will be hosting Christmas at our house this year. All the girls are in town which is always cause for celebration!

Before the season winds down we will be making a dash to San Francisco for some holiday festivities.

Previous holidays:

 Holidays in San Francisco

Holidays in London and Paris

How are you spending your holidays this season?

Wishing you and yours holiday cheer…

from our home to yours!




Stylemindchic Boutique



Heather Lindstrom

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I can’t think of anything nicer than being able to enjoy a little Christmas cheer with you and Scott. Some day our paths will cross. We traveled a lot in December and spent the actual holiday with my parents in Sacramento. Your home looks absolutely stunning–so warm and inviting. Love that family picture too!

Thanks so much, Leslie. We did enjoy a wonderful holiday with our families. We were not far from Sacramento, in Lincoln, for a belated Christmas with my family.
I feel the same, I just know our paths will cross someday. Looking forward to it!

Thanks so much! Happy new year! xx

As gorgeous as ever.
Happy New Year, Heather.
Now that our daughter’s wedding is behind us, I’m very happy to be able to get back to visiting with bloggy friends more often again.
Many blessings!

Wonderful! So happy for you and your daughter. Happy New Year, Marcia! xx

Happy New Year, Heather! This is SUCH a beautiful post, and yes, it did make my teary eyed (but I am like that a lot these days). Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with us…Cheers to 2016! xoxoxo

That makes complete sense to me, Sandy. You’ve been on my mind this holiday season. I’m glad to hear you are finding moments of joy. I wish we could toast in person this year. xx

Merry Christmas Lindstroms! I love all the twinkles :-)

Same to you, Mel! Loved your holiday card–so festive! The twinkles were a surprise…I still don’t know how that happened.
See you in the new year my dear!xx

Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Heather. Happy New Year!!

Same to you, Katie! I loved seeing your holiday posts and hodgepodge fun. Wishing you a delightful 2016!

Merry Christmas Heather! Your home is beautiful, sparkly and very festive. Yes, there is the miracle in Christmas! May we all keep our eyes on the shining star and know the hope, joy, and peace that Christmas brings. Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Xx, Karen

I loved your response, Karen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Christmas. Clearly it’s a magical time for you and your
family. Wishing you a blessed New Year in 2016. Thank you for following the blog and your sharing your insightful comments.
xx, Heather

Stunning. Warmth and glow and twinkling greetings come from this house! HEATHER! Wishing you happiness and fun all year in 2016! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Anita

Aren’t twinkles and sparkles the perfect holiday accessory, Anita? I’m so inspired by your poetry and images. What fun to follow your
holiday beauty on IG this season. Thanks for your kind words and following along, dear Anita.

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